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The Neuroscience of Heutagogy - Shared screen with speaker view
Dileepa Manawadu
Tomorrow we will be presenting a workshop on Parenting and SDE, and it touches a little bit our own exploration of Neuroscience, Power Dynamics and Parenting. The link has a video that I invite you to view if you can, before the session tomorrow at 10.30 am. Even if you cant, we would invite/appreciate your thoughts and comments.https://dmc.schools4pt0.lk/t/parenting-for-sde/56
Marina Gadioli Lenzi Mari
Adriana, this was a fantastic talk and topic. Thank you for sharing all of this! I have to drop off now. Thank you!
aero 4
thank you!
Dileepa Manawadu
Thank you very much!
Dileepa Manawadu
12 midnight almost upon me.