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ASTA Greater Seattle Social Hour Meet-Up with the Royal Caribbean Family of Brands (Celebrity, Azamara and RCCL) - Shared screen with speaker view
Jarod McNeill
Hi Everyone welcome. We will begin shortly, please type your questions for the group here and we will cover them at the end of the call. We will mute all participants to help with the recording quality!
Jarod McNeill
If you have a question, please specify which brand it is for, or if its for all three.
Jennifer Hardy
Will the app for Celebrity and Royal then be expanded for all ships rather than just a handful? I love Muster 2.0!
Jarod McNeill
Muster 2.0 is amazing!
Christine Phillips
Great use of technology!
Kerri Dickson
Can't wait to experience Muster 2.0
Shawn van der Putten
If passengers ignore muster, does a crew member visit them?
Jarod McNeill
Is muster 2.0 part of the joint project with NCL our will this just be RC Family of Brands?
Kelly Ross
If guests ignore muster, they will be contacted by crew to be able to check them off as having taken the drill via the app or infotainment system in the stateroom. If they didn't take it there, they will be given a live drill in order to check them off as it is of course required by all before the ship can depart.
Kelly Ross
Muster 2.0 is RCL....not sure if NCL is doing anything similar as this was in the works prior to Covid and the Healthy Sail Panel.
Jarod McNeill
For testing pre cruise etc. I see the MSC has installed COVID testing machines. Guests are required to be tested before coming, then on arrival they get a swab test again at the terminal and the tests are run right there. The results come back in less then 2 hours and when they are negative they are invited to board the ship. Is that what we are looking at for RC Family as well?
Christine Phillips
Hopefully, we'll schedule a tour for our ASTA group when the Alaska season opens up.
Jarod McNeill
Christine, yes we will hopefully be doing that as soon ASTA tours begin. We have started talks!
Jennifer Hardy
I have a client on the Infinity. They reached out because they heard that the ship may not go through its revolution this year as planned. They are getting antsy now about their May cruise. Any word on potential schedule for Infinity revolution? I haven't seen anything about the delay or a reschedule.
Jarod McNeill
Earlier this year, Celebrity announced some great opportunities on shorter cruises fro us to sail from the PNW and it was great, of course they all cancelled for COVID. Is there any chance Celebrity will work these into future cruise schedules?
Jennifer Hardy
Does Celebrity's app have the ability to text between cabins like Royal's does? Will the Solstice have the app in 2021?
Jennifer Hardy
Thanks Garrett!
Jarod McNeill
You mention under the stars buffet…. Will this be happening post covid as well?
Jarod McNeill
Azamara is a ship many of us are not able to see first hand since it doesn’t sail a loot out of the US. If we happen to be in a city that one of the ships will be in port, are we able to schedule a self guided tour or ship tour to familiarize first hand?
Jarod McNeill
Shuttle services are included? Is that airport transfers or something else?
Jennifer Hardy
Question for Garrett- Does Camp at Sea close completely during meal periods (aside from paid experiences), or do they have complimentary programming open during those times?
Thank you to all the presenters. You all did a great job.
Garrett Landry
Jennifer Hardy
Thank you everyone!
Kerri Dickson
Thank you! It was great info!