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PSP 50th Anniversary Series Repositioning Therapies of Depth, Insight and Relationship - Shared screen with speaker view
Jim Basilio
Can what was done to the data in antidepressant studies be considered prosecutable fraud?
Carlo Codato
Thank you Linda! Could you please provide a paper or article that summarizes your research findings that is easily accessible to the public? I would like to offer to my patients when they challenge the validity of PsA?
Kathy Johnson
Thank you Linda, Very enlightnig
Linda Michaels
Thank you, Carlo! We are writing it up for publication as we speak. If you email me at lindamichaels@psian.org, I’d be happy to share these slides with you.
William Foreman
Excellent work Linda, I especially like the qualitative results, also the slide showing continuing growth/change. Most of my inmate-patients give the same reasons for entering the long treatment. They want to know who they are and why they have harmed others. Since they stay in the prison for years, I frequently observe continued maturation over 2 and 3 years. ,
Linda Michaels
William - that’s fascinating! I’m glad to hear your work confirms our research as well. Thank you!
Linda Michaels
Here’s the NYT article that Janice mentioned about parity — or lack thereof: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/31/health/mental-health-insurance.html
William Foreman
Yes, after 2 years on parole, those who received CBI showed a recidivism rate of 25%, which is the same for all paroled inmates. Whereas, those from our program afterlooked more closely at CBT outcomes, and realized that a 5% change in symptoms
William Foreman
the ending was an error, after 34 months paroles from out program showed an 8% recidivism.
Linda Michaels
Wow - I hope you have published that! Your results are very impressive!
William Foreman
Been sidetracked by Covid, trying to get back to publishing, it's the times,