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Book Launch and Conversation: America Calling: A Foreign Student in a Country of Possibility - Shared screen with gallery view
Christian Penichet-Paul
Link to the speaker's bios: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Kxi3_yVkbx5svQ2yLq35aajGGY6yr7I3/view
Cezanne Hayden-Dyer
Book: https://www.rajikabhandari.com/america-calling-the-bookAmazon: https://bit.ly/AmericaCallingBookshop (to buy from independent bookstores): https://bit.ly/2X39yls
Miriam Feldblum (she/her/hers)
You can put your questions for Rajika and others in the Q&A and we will look to address them in the discussion and Q&A
Christian Penichet-Paul
For more information about international students in the U.S., please feel free to reference Dr. Bhandari's post "Did You Know: Five Facts About International Students in the U.S" on the Higher Ed Immigration Portal: https://www.higheredimmigrationportal.org/policy/did-you-know-5-realities-international-students/
Christian Penichet-Paul
A friendly reminder: You can find "America Calling" in the following places -Website: https://www.rajikabhandari.com/america-calling-the-bookAmazon: https://bit.ly/AmericaCallingIndependent Bookstores: https://bit.ly/2X39yls
Christian Penichet-Paul
Hello all. Please feel free to put your questions for Rajika and others in the Q&A and we will look to address them in the discussion and Q&A period.
Rajika Bhandaori
Thank you, President Gonzalez! I feel quite emotional listening to your observations and how the book resonated with you
Senem Bakar
I would like to thank Rajika for sharing her experiences... Like President Gonzalez said, it voices so much of our shared experiences too.
Rajika Bhandaori
Yes, Fanta! It is exactly those intersections
Shanna Saubert
"It's not good or bad. It's different." (So well articulated. Thank you, Fanta!)
Nele Feldmann
Thank you Rajika and all panelists. This is such an interesting discussion! Although I didn't come as an international student but as an immigrant, the experiences you share resonate with me as well. It is also interesting that because I am from Germany, people assume that the US feels just like "home".
Jane Etish-Andrews
Fanta’s comments were so on target! thank you all for your insights and experience.
Rajan Saxena
It was a wonderful experience sharing by you Rajika and President Gonzalez. Loved the statement by Fanta of identity. American students also need to learn about life in other parts of the world. That's when globalisation in education truly becomes possible.
Senem Bakar
Always a pleasure to hear Fanta to speak from the heart!
Rajan Saxena
The experiences shared by you all resonate with mine even when I never went to US as a student but more as faculty. I noticed the same wonder and question in the eyes of my students in NY and Calgary, Canada that how come Indian professor teach management?
Chris Powers
Congratulations on the book, Rajika. And many thanks to all of you for this wonderful conversation.
Ben Wildavsky
Agreed - a great conversation and many congratulations to Rajika.
Lisa Lancia
Congratulations on the launch of this deeply personal and very important book, Rajika. As I listen, I am reminded of the importance of what is being addressed here for a broader audience.
Terrence Graham
Looking forward to reading your book, Rajika. Thank you for sharing your story.
Martin Tillman
Yes, Rajika, you should be very proud. Placing yourself in a vulnerable position by telling your story in such an honest narrative should be a validation of your instinct that your story was important and needed to be read.
Peggy Blumenthal
Such a rich conversation, with each of the panelists adding great added perspectives to Rajika's amazing book! Thanks to each of you, and especially to Rajika for writing this deeply personal and yet deeply universal memoir.
Chai Feldblum
Wow— thank you to everyone! You are all fantastic. I agree with Lisa about the great importance about getting this out to the broader audience, especially now. Rajika, I can’t wait to read your book, as well as the work of others on the panel. I particularly appreciate the highlighting of the intersections and impact of race, gender and religion.
Caroline Ideus
I just submitted this book to our university library to have it available for all of campus to read and encouraged that all faculty and staff should read the book to improve and reflect upon their interactions with international students.
Rajika Bhandaori
Thank you so much, Caroline, for your support!
Nancy Keteku
This discussion is so invigorating. Greetings to Rajika, Fanta, and the many old friends gathered here today
Christian Penichet-Paul
Please check out the Higher Ed Immigration Portal: https://www.higheredimmigrationportal.org/
Diana Simon
Congratulations, Rajika! Thank you for sharing your story and I look forward to reading your book.
Senem Bakar
Bridging the gap through programming between international students and domestic students to enhance the impact of international exchange; thanks for highlighting it, Fanta!
Bela Negi
Congratulations Rajika for writing a book which, clearly will resonate with so many people, and I’m sure that people all around the world will also be drawn into the book by the personal journey that you have shared with such honesty. It’s clear that this book will be enjoyable AND useful at so many levels.
Rajika Bhandaori
Thank you, Bela!
Martin Tillman
Campuses must invest commensurate resources to support the success of international students as they allocate to recruiting them.
Dinu Raheja
Congratulations Rajika on your book that seems to resonate not just with students, but all who have had similar journeys. Thanks to all the amazing panelists for this enriching and thoughtful conversation.
Clay Hensley
Thank you, everyone. Appreciated this inspiring, timely, uplifting conversation!
Caroline Ideus
Yes, agree! Intentionality of international student support is essential for student success and allows them to flourish in American academic and social life.
Jane Etish-Andrews
Fabulous panel and their perspectives. Cant wait to read the book ! thank you for putting this panel together!
John Lucas
Yes agreed. The ability of our students to develop interpersonal and intercultural relationships depends on international students. Without a diverse community, America would have the benefits of pluralism that far exceed the economic. Good points Stephanie.
Senem Bakar
Thanks, Marty. Also equally important is the collective and ongoing advocacy with decision makers on immigration/visa matters so our work is more impactful as a country.
John Lucas
Rajika, that illustrates the problem. I am so glad you fought for your title. We MUST have the student experience front and center. The publishers were clearly disconnected from reality.
Christian Penichet-Paul
Thank you all so much for joining us today.
Senem Bakar
Thank you Rajika and the great panel!
Beth Vargas
Is it possible to buy the book directly? Not on Amazon?