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Nonprofit Excellence Series: Building a Business Case for Diversity - Shared screen with speaker view
Patrice Palmer
What does a diverse workforce look like?Would you describe your workplace as diverse?How are you measuring your diversity? Can that be translated into a dollar amount?What’s the difference between looking diverse and being diverse?
ally eden
¿Cómo se ve una fuerza laboral diversa?¿Describiría su lugar de trabajo como diverso?¿Cómo mides tu diversidad? ¿Puede eso traducirse en una cantidad en dólares?¿Cuál es la diferencia entre lucir diverso y ser diverso?
JR (she/her)
To me, a diverse workforce is a variety of people from different ages/generations, gender identities, ethnicities, religious beliefs, abilities, socioeconomic status, immigrant status, family size, and more!
Heather Vesgaard
I guess to me, it means diverse culturally and ethnically but also in age, gender identity, lens/perspective based on experience and even in personality characteristics and styles.
Valerie White
I think diversity is having people of different races, gender, religion and sexual orientation throughout your organization from entry-level roles to leadership roles. The population you serve should reflect within your organization.
Serena Thomas
I think it is more about wanting diverse viewpoints. The most obvious way to see this is with what looks diverse.
Heather Vesgaard
My space is very diverse in some ways but not as diverse, particularly in race and ethnicity. we're a relatively small team.
JR (she/her)
Shout out to all the mixed kid millennials!!
Gloria (She/Ella)
I have another meeting to attend. I truly appreciate all the knowledge that was shared here today. Have a good weekend!
JR (she/her)
We will send a follow up email to all those who registered and will include Patrice’s contact info as well!
David Rout
Thank you Patrice, that was wonderful
Lauren Leary (she, her) UWLC
Thank you Patrice!!!! You are fantastic.
Annette Zacharias
Awesome! Thanks Patrice!
Amanda Sammartino
Thank you for sharing your valuable insights and information with us!
JR (she/her)
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Heather Vesgaard
Thanks for hosting UW and thank you Patrice for sharing your knowledge.
Linda Nuss
Thank you so much! It WAS incredible and will listen again as the recording becomes available.
Patrice Palmer
papalmer5276@gmail.com reach out I'm also on LinkedIn Patrice M Palmer
JR (she/her)
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