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Community Medicine Call Zoom- May 12th - Shared screen with speaker view
Erin Axelrod
Would you be open to talking about multi-tasking a little bit?
Maureen Ivy
Do you see deep patience as playing a role in resilience? In order to absorb disturbance, re-organize, and maintain our identity, it seems that a pause is an essential first step. Giving ourselves a moment or longer to refrain from knee-jerk responses and choose another path takes some time.
Erin Axelrod
Specifically what are the dangers of multitasking and how does it impact our health and wellbeing?
Rainey Fisher-Smith
Can you talk a little more about always getting things done (under the self love quality)?
Hannah and Diane
Can you speak a little more to the impact of releasing unhealthy relationships in relation to resilience?
Hannah and Diane
Yes, thank you so much!
Hannah and Diane
So grateful for this community and resource of information! Thank you
Tracy Krinard (she/her)
Thank you for allowing me to join in this community tonight