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bruce Coleman
Sherwood is excited to be building hundreds of square feet of new industrial park space now with major developers such as Trammel Crow. We want to encourage companies that locate in Sherwood to grow locally by expanding their sales overseas. I have come across a recent example however where some of the geopolitical trends with Taiwan and the PRC now may be affecting one company in Sherwood. I wonder if you are seeing if some of the geopolitical issues now are negatively impacting exporting at all? Thanks. Bruce Coleman, City of Sherwood Economic Development Manager, colemanb@sherwoodoregon.gov 503 625 4206
Mike Vanier
Remember put your questions in the chat…
bruce Coleman
that was great. thank you omep and business Oregon. bruce coleman, city of sherwood economic development manager
Nancy L Simon
How do I continue this conversation with reps
Nancy L Simon
Msnancylsimon@gmail.com 503-334-8641
Nancy L Simon
Especially to do with grants and the types of businesses that do well overseas?
bruce Coleman
how are companies getting the word out that the tariff wars are affecting US businesses. Is NAM/National Assn of Mfg assisting wiith this? thanks. bruce coleman, city of sherwood economic dev
Mike Irinaga
I have a friend in Florida who manufactures vitamin supplements, and he too has a problem with getting caps for his bottles. This looks like a possible opportunity for a US manufacturer to capitalize on?
Nancy L Simon
Mike, you are onto something.
Nancy L Simon
Chat with Poly vinyl Signs PVS on York Street in NW. They have some capabilities. Don’t know if it includes plastic molding.
Nancy L Simon
And we’ll all receive this as a recording and the PowerPoint too?
Jasmine Agnor
Brad Buchholz