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Ethical AI in Rwanda - Shared screen with speaker view
Nana Nwachukwu
Please feel free to use the Q&A function or the chat to send in your questions at any time
Nana Nwachukwu
Please use the Q & A function for all questions and comments. The chat is auto-disabled
Webinar Host
Thank you everyone for the great questions, you can keep on sending questions to any of our speakers with Q&A function and we're addressing them during the rest of the session
Webinar Host
As it has been discussed, building literacy is fundamentally important. We're also about to make some ethical AI training materials available for everyone Q1 2023, hopefully that will help get started if you're interested in learning more about ethical AI.
Webinar Host
We're starting to wrap up soon, thank you everyone for your active participation and amazing questions during the session!
Webinar Host
Hopefully this has been an inspiration to you, let's keep in touch and continue collaborating towards more ethical AI in Rwanda! Have a great rest of the day!