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Functional Body Building - Shared screen with speaker view
San Francisco Crossfit
Warm-up:2 sets10 Bird Dogs/side10 Bridge-ups10 Body Weight Geofferson Curls5 Plank Walk-outs + 5 Plank to Down DogA1) Single Leg Hip Thrust: 8-10 reps/sideA2) Glute Bridge Prayer Press: 8-10 reps Rest 90sec x 3 SetsB1) Cross-body Geofferson Curls: 6-8 Reps/side (3sec Down/Up)B2) Alt. Kneeling Hip-to-Halo: 8-10 Reps/side; Rest 90sec x 3 setsC) 3 Sets for Quality8-10 Bicep Curl Eccentrics (3sec)10-12 Kneeling Tricep Extensions12-14 Supinated Leg Lowering (3sec descent)