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ESJ Curious Listening Initiative - Shared screen with gallery view
Cynthia K Wade she/her
I forgot to say that it is the ancestral land of the Kickapoo.
Robert Whitehair
I am mid western by ancestry. Dad from Kansas, Mom from Minnesota
Robert Whitehair
Breakout 1:What have you learned from and about the social upheavals of this past 18 months? (COVID, racism, policing, democracy, fear)How have your awareness and consciousness shifted on issues of racial justice and systemic racism in the U.S.?
Robert Whitehair
Breakout 2:What do you feel needs to happen next to create a more just society?How are you able and willing to contribute?
Juliana M Gill
Please forgive me I have to leave. You are all amazing. Thank you!
Elders Action Network
SAVE THE DATE!September 10, 2021Why Elders? Why Now?Stay tuned for more information to comeā€¦