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Providing comfort and continuity in humanitarian crisis: palliative care responses during disaster and pandemic - Shared screen with speaker view
Rachel Coghlan
Good to go odette
Wah Wah Myint Zu
Greetings from Myanmar . Thank you all for discussing very important PC in humanitarian crisis
Odette Spruijt
Welcome, Wah Wah, great that you can join us today!
Helen Haydon
Hi I was late logging in and so I hope it's okay to put this in the chat.... Have people heard of Project ECHO? It is an international program that brings health workers to the table (via videoconferencing) so that there is a shared knowledge drawing on local knowledge and palliative care specialist knowledge. We are currently running one on dementia. https://uqecho.org/dementia-echo/ but it is a model that would be suited for palliative care.
Odette Spruijt
Hi Helen, thanks for sharing the ECHO link, it is well worth looking into and there are several ECHO palliative care programs happening around the world. One very active palliative care one is the TIPS ECHO of Pallium India, in Trivandrum Kerala, which has been running for several years now.
Kathryn Richardson
Hello Helen, we are running project ECHO courses - Introduction to Palliative Care in Humanitarian Crises settings for healthcare workers in Bangladesh. So far we have completed 3 courses
Unni Krishnan
@Kathryn Richardson- good to hear about your efforts. It will be great if you can post more information about the course in the chat box
Kathryn Richardson
The training was set up following a palliative care needs assessment within the Rohingya refugee camps. Dr Farzana Khan set up grass roots community palliative care service within the camps, which is now funded by IOM. Initially, we were doing in person training workshops in Cox Bazaar. Due to COVID, we moved training online, following the project ECHO model
Kathryn Richardson
Odette Spruijt
If you would like more information about WPPCAN, please contact info@anzspm.org.au - we have held 4 workshops/webinars to date and have another "Networking in the Network" on 7th September, as preconference event of the 21 Oceanic Palliative Care Conference Thank you everyone for your interest
Mhoira Leng
Many thanks to all for such a great webinar
Odette Spruijt
Hi Mhoira, great to 'see' you here, thanks for coming.
Marianne Phillips
Kathryn's ECHO courses are also one of the few which have developed a specific paediatric palliative care education programme - vital as this is a cohort often overlooked and very much requiring appropriate palliative care across the humanitarian sectors
Unni Krishnan
@Kathryn- thanks
Shyla Mills
Hi Odette & Rachel, (great session everyone!) love to chat about how we could possibly consider evolving the “Last Aid” community education program for wider use, it’s such a good name which people are naturally attracted to. Cheers Shyla
Helen Haydon
Thank you very much!
Mila Petrova
Thank you so much, Rachel, Jenny, Lama, Steve, Unni and Odette - most engaging, thought-provoking and significantly different to some of what has become repetitive debate on pall care in humanitarian settings. More, please :)
Stephen McDonald
Thank you everyone
Eunice Garanganga
Thank you