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Boston DAF Salon - Shared screen with speaker view
Scott Nance / CapShift
Hi everyone - I'm Scott Nance, VP-Business Development at CapShift, based in San Francisco
Julie Smith-Bartoloni
Hi, I am Julie Smith-Bartoloni, Senior Director of Philanthropy at the Boston Foundation (and colleague to Ellen Remmer). Delighted to listen in!
David Wood
David Wood, I work at the Initiative for Responsible Investment, have gone down the DAF rabbit hole every once in awhile.
John Harthorne
John Harthorne — Founder and long-time CEO of MassChallenge, a nonprofit startup accelerator helping democratize entrepreneurship and create economic growth across our 9 global programs. I am now Managing Director of Two Lanterns, a generalist seed fund making investments in the US and Israel.
Lucy Jodlowska
Hi, everyone. Lucy Jodlowska here, joining from DC. I'm the ED of the Wallace Center at Winrock International and current fellow at RSF Social Finance.
Tory Dietel Hopps
Tory Dietel Hopps Managing Partner of Dietel and Partners a shared family philanthropic office
Ryan Macpherson
Hi y'all - I'm Ryan Macpherson. So many friendly faces here. I head impact investing at Autodesk. Much of our off-balance sheet impact investments are deployed via our Foundation's DAF.
Adam Rein - CapShift
Adam Rein, co-founder at CapShift. Feel free to use the chat to share what problems you are trying to solve or connections you are looking for from the group. At CapShift, we are connecting with new advisors and donors to let them know the new impact investing capabilities we have unlocked at their DAF providers... as well as our recent work adding Covid-19 Relief and Racial Justice opportunities to our platform
Maggie Cutts
Hi everyone, I’m Maggie Cutts. I am the Director of Partnerships at Prime Coalition, a 501c3 that mobilizes catalytic capital for market-driven climate solutions. We just closed our fund with $50MM in catalytic capital that included 35 DAF investments in the form of recoverable grants
Michael Swack
Hi - I'm Michael Swack, Director of the Center for Impact Finance at the University of New Hampshire. I've been involved in community investment for a number of years. Re: DAFs, we recently published a short study we did on DAFs and behavioral approaches to increase community investment. Our conclusions if Foundations are willing to recommend a default allocation to community impact investments—even while allowing the donor full choice over the final allocation that is actually implemented—they will see substantially more funds going to this use. Full report at https://scholars.unh.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1401&context=carsey
Mike Leyba
Hi All. Mike Leyba here. I am a solidarity community organizer at City Life / Vida Urbana. Glad to be on this call with you all this afternoon!
Ranjani Sridharan
Great to meet you all and thanks Diane and CapShift for hosting! My name is Ranjani Sridharan, Founder of Kshetra PBC, a FinTech marketplace connecting US private debt investors with post-revenue social enterprises and graduates of business incubators seeking working capital. We are seeking an initial tranche of debt capital (or recoverable grants) for a set of entrepreneurs we've identified in the agtech sector which we believe is reasonably COVID resilient. Great to meet you all!
Maggie Cutts
Same for Prime, Deborah!
David Wood
Yep! not the most democratic means to democratize finance.
Ryan Macpherson
Totally agree.
David Wood
Thanks and nice to see everyone, I have to go host something, s'why I've stayed shut up, but thinking through ways that DAFs can be used to promote real experimentation/freedom from the conventions of finance in investment is a topic i'm fascinated by.
Maggie Cutts
I’m sorry I also need to jump. I feel we were just getting started. THere is so much to learn/share on this topic. I can’t wait to read Michael’s report!
Ranjani Sridharan
What kind of reporting do DAFs require and do most DAFs require to see lead investors already in place?
Deborah Frieze
Oddly, the only reporting requirements I’ve had has essentially been to submit my annual Impact Report
Adam Rein - CapShift
@ranjani, DAF Providers require the same reporting you would provide to any other funder or advisor, they have no special requirements. They need clear terms and never play the role as a "lead investor" or in negotiating terms
Lucy Jodlowska
I need to jump to another meeting but really appreciated being a part of this conversation- thank you!
John Harthorne
I’ve gotta run to another call — thank you for the interesting call, and thanks for ending on a note of optimism!
Mike Leyba
I've also got to hop onto another meeting. Thanks all, great conversation!
Ranjani Sridharan
Thanks so much for a wonderful conversation, congrats to CapShift for helping reduce friction and mobilizing capital to impact!
Julie Smith-Bartoloni
Thank you for this conversation and for all of your work and contributions to this important field.