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Land Use Management & Biodiversity Talk Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Anna Murphy
my connection is dodgy, if I get cut off I want to say that this is the absolutely best set of webinars I have seen during lockdown and thanks so much to all involved!
Galway Co PPN
Thank you Anna, we are very lucky to have FeidlĂ­m sharing his knowledge with us! Links to the recording will be sent out in the coming days.
Marie Barlow
Are you suggesting that we not use our toilets and do our business outdoors
Derrick Hambleton
About ten years ago Ian Lumley (An Taisce) wrote that we only produced 30% of our own food. 70% therefore, is imported complete with all wrappings etc.
Galway Co PPN
omg Feidhlim.. should we get rid of all our non natural fabrics.. should we even buy second hand non natural fabrics!!
Derrick Hambleton
Food production here depends largely on grants & subsidies determined by EU policy!