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Child Care is in Crisis and it’s not a Woman’s Issue — It’s an Economic Issue - Shared screen with gallery view
Mary Ignatius
Incredible testimony. Thank you for all you do, Hailey! You are a real survivor and the children and families are so fortunate to have you in their lives
Mona Masri
We will make the slides available to all in the follow-up email.
Laura Kohn
Haley’s experience through the pandemic and before is so moving - so motivating. We can (re)build a system that supports amazing caregivers and businesswomen like her with professional wages, ongoing coaching and stability. Thank you for the work you do with families and for sharing.
Mona Masri
Please also put any questions you have for any of the speakers in the Q&A box.
Asset Funders Network
Mona Masri
Yes the recording and slides will be available after the webinar.
Laura Kohn
Sad part of that 4% increase in child care worker pay is that it’s likely due to the increase in the minimum wage. Sad part is that child care providers are paid minimum wage!
Lea Austin
The Early Childhood Workforce Index has this wage and poverty rate data for every state - access full report and state specific profiles here https://cscce.berkeley.edu/workforce-index-2020/
Mary Ignatius
There's also potential for long term investments like the Child Care for Working Families Act which may get funded this year. It will bring REAL funding to address the true cost of care and keep child care affordable to not exceed 7% of their income for families making up to 150% of State Median Income. This could be our ACA for child care but it will take an organized effort to win. We've also passed two ballot initiatives in San Francisco and Alameda County to clear waiting lists and pay early educators what they deserve but those have been tied up in lawsuits. We need funders to help us keep pushing and fighting for child care justice.
Natalie Renew
Here is more on Networks for home-based child care: https://homegrownchildcare.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Deeper-Look-report_v7.pdf
Cheryl Brown
Thank you Hayley!
Mona Masri
Please type any questions in the Q&A box. We are not having the audience members speak live with the panelists. Thank you!
Jeffrey Kim
Apologies, but just hopped on the webinar. Will you share the recording?
Laura Kohn
Thanks for the shout-out re Mission Driven Finance, Christine. We are launching a real estate investment trust to deploy new capital toward building child care facilities - both centers and family child care homes - in communities most in need of child care access. We will integrate shared property ownership and acquisition opportunities for all of our provider partners, to help them build wealth and stability. We are raising funds now toward launch in 4 pilot locations across the nation later this year. For more info, see https://www.missiondrivenfinance.com/invest/early-care-education/ or reach out: laurakohn@missiondrivenfinance.com
Mary Ignatius
Farida, unique to the last round of federal funding in Dec and the $2.5 billion coming to CA allows for private child care centers to receive funding as well. The ECE Coalition of CA is advocating that all grants to child care programs to reopen or open new ones go to all child care settings, including those who have been left out and don't take subsidies but still serve low income families and are in low income communities. we need you to reopen too!
Jeffrey Kim
+1 Mary!
Dave Esbin
Thank you for all you’re doing!
Cheryl Brown
Amazing! So excited!