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Mental Wellness in Startups & Tech - Shared screen with speaker view
Lauren Zyber
Welcome to the panel on mental well-being in the startup workplace! Please stay on mute during the conversation. If you have a question, please put it in the chat and we’ll put it in the queue. For the best experience, put your view in speaker mode. Thanks for joining us!
John Malnor
I’m curious about what Alex mentioned about generational resilience, and how the panel might feel we can help people build resilience?
JanaLee Wiechers
Wow. Could you share the source for those (scary) statistics?
Lauren Zyber
John Malnor
Per Ryan’s point - lots of entrepreneurs suffer from mental health / depression issues. https://medium.com/invisible-illness/why-rates-of-suicide-and-depression-are-so-high-for-entrepreneurs-a53734ff1deb
Hear, hear!
Karen Hiney
I am currently doing a pilot program coaching five students over the summer on a local university campus. How beneficial do you think this might be to prepare college students for the workplace? Students on our campus aren't going to counseling services but they are responding to the opportunity to participate in coaching.
Kristina Mercier
Working harder is a false answer to succeeding - it is self-awareness and owning who you are (why you offer and where you need support) - then taking charge of who you are, respecting others who bring talent, and providing the support for others to share talent that leads you to success. It’s a journey—true inner adventure.
Do you see companies ever addressing employment gaps as products of toxic environments (confirmed by Glassdoor reviews) and not flight risks? Multiple gaps seem to always lead to rejection and not an ability to discuss with potential employers.
We keep throwing the word leadership around - real leadership means putting everyone else first. The fact that we are talking about boundaries and things that the employees need to do or can do to take care of themselves is indicative of how much work is needed at the top and mid management levels. So much more work needs to be done to build leadership within management teams; people that look at leadership as servant. If resourcing is not prioritized and realistic onboarding and training programs are not developed to support existing team members, then we can't get there. Work on the root cause. Don't put the burden back on the employees to find care for the mental stress they are being put under.
John Rumery
Does anyone see a backlash to the culture of ‘hustle porn’ by recent grads? Are the recent grads (21-30+) looking for something more from employers? As a parent of 16, 22, 23 years old, I kind of sense it. Work / life balance seems to be an incentive more than ever
Kai McKinney (Helm)
At what point in company growth does this become a pressing matter? Is it as important in super early startups as it is in bigger Series B/C orgs or big companies?
Bethany Howard
I love that. Resilience strategies might not be pretty.
John Rumery
Thanks panelists and Team Purpose
Kai McKinney (Helm)
This was awesome, thanks everyone!
Yes, Thank you!
Bethany Howard
Thank you to all for this important conversation.
Jocelyn Szymanski
thank you!
Stephanie Livingston
Thank you!!!!