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Growing Your Business Through Refugee Lens Investing: Why & How? - Shared screen with speaker view
Mark Young
Mark Young from Rational Games, Inc.
Mark Young
Berlin Germany
Mark Young
impact investor with a focus on refugees
Mark Young
looking for partrnerships
John Kluge
I’m John, co-managing director at RIN. Joining from central Virginia
Flavia Tinelli
Flavia Tinelli from Acrux Partners - Buenos Aires, Argentina. Impact investments consultant
Sandrine Ramboux
Hi Everyone, I am Sandrine, I am passionated by the economic empowerment of (marginalised) women. My main field of experience is in Turkey, supporting Syrian women to set up their own businesses. Very excited to be here.
Lomoro Emmanuel
I am Emmanuel from Uganda founder and CEO of Generous Designs Africa Company.Founded in 2019  in bidibidi refugee settlement, we envision a world free from plastic waste. We have invented a business model to address the social and environmental issues in our local community. To that end, we collect old plastic waste, transform it to new products for example cups, clips, beats, buttons, school bags, shopping bags, laptop bags and wallets and we sell this products to end customers. Through this simple process, we are able to reduce the plastic waste in the local communities, and to provide employment for a diverse team of refugees and Uganda. At the same time, we are raising awareness of the above mentioned issues in our local communities.Please you can check our following links for more informationhttps:www.generousdesigns.orghttps://youtu.be/qouyVtskuQ0https://www.facebook.com/GenerousDesignAfrica
Yunus Berndt_&Arise
Hi there,I am Yunus from &Arise, we are building a peer-to-peer coaching platform for refugee founders in the EU. We got into the Resilient100 cohort recently, and I am glad to get a bit into the ecosystem and learn about your fantastic work.
Launch Capital: Michael Hall
Michael Hall with Launch Capital Partners in Louisville, KY
Magdalene Muthoni
Magdalene Muthoni, Open Capita (Kenya)- interested in learning about refugee lens investmenting
Magdalene Muthoni
Olaf Weberring
Olaf, Social Impact, Munich. Interested in knowing how others are getting financing done for their program participants
Izabela Ersahin
Hi Izabela here from Turkey for Sector7 the social enterprise
Mehreteab Ghebregergs
Mehreteab, Country Manager Ethiopia, Regional Durable Solutions Secretariat (ReDSS)
Meredith Kiss
Meredith Kiss, Acumen in New York
Pierre Calvet
Pierre, with the Norwegian Refugee Council
Andriana Theochari
Hi I am Andriana Theochari from Athens. I am director of Global Girl Media Greece. A social enterprise that powers the voice of young women in media, building bridges across cultures and the digital divide to help all women thrive.
Lomoro Emmanuel
hi I'm mikaya from Bidibidi Refugee settlement Uganda CEO and founder of COHESIVE PEOPLE'S ASSOCIATION
Laila Majeed
I am Laila from London
Kat Kelley
Kat Kelley Catholic Charities USA
Matthew Westerbeck
Matthew Westerbeck - he/him - Director of Refugee Services - Catholic Charities of Oregon. Excited to hear more about RIN's efforts, refugee lens investing, and the broad network of orgs serving refugees and working with refugees in various capacities
Moses Bahati
Hi 👋 Moses Bahati, Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya ( Salut Consultants Agency) reskilling refugees & opening opportunities for skilled youths. we seek partners & investors into social development projects to raise refugees for sustainability.
Noella Kabale
Noella kabale from Refugee Entrepreneurship Association limited
Adedana Ashebir, Village Capital
Adedana Ashebir, Village Capital. We’re the largest organization in the world supporting impact-driven, seed-stage startups. We’re in talks to run a program for entrepreneurs building solutions in migrant and refugee financial health. And on a personal note, I’m a proud daughter of a refugee who worked in refugee settlement for 30+ years.
Hoda Salman
Hoda from Lebanon. A freelance economic development consultant at the moment, looking to increase impact investing in the MENA region. Interested to learn about RIN'S work.
Moses Bahati
Moses Bahati, +254768760431, salutafricafoundation@gmail.com. Salut Consultants Agency, empowering refugees for social development in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya
Julia Frei - Kneading Peace Social Enterprise
Hey everyone, my name is Julia, and I run a social enterprise (Kneading Peace), as well as a non-profit organisation (Same Skies) supporting refugees in Malaysia and Indonesia. Pleased to meet you all.
Nazli Unveren
Hello everyone, it’s Nazli from University of Oxford. As a part of our MBA course here at Oxford we are working on a ‘systems reset’ challenge where my team decided to focus on issues regarding social cohesion and resilience of refugee communities. If you would like to chat about our project and be a part of our study please feel free to drop an email (nazli.unveren.mba21@said.oxford.edu) or connect via Linkedin (www.linkedin.com/in/nazli-unveren)
Selen Ucak- RIN
I am Selen Ucak, Entrepreneurship Lead at RIN. Great to have all of you here, and a special welcome to our Resilient 100 participants! :)
Selen Ucak- RIN
Selen Ucak- RIN
Refugee Lens: https://refugeeinvestments.org/resources/refugee-lens/
Thami Schweichler
Pleasure to share my my presentation with all of you. My contacts below:
Thami Schweichler
Thami Schweichler
NeedsList PBC
NeedsList PBC
NeedsList PBC
Selen Ucak- RIN
As you listen to these great presentations, feel free to add your Qs in the chat and we will address at the end of the session.
Noella Kabale
it's just waouh listening to these Change makers and I'm looking forwards to more,learning experience, ahead with all our penalists.
Sandrine Ramboux
Dear Natasha, it was very enriching to hear about your project. We have something similar in Turkey called Ihtiyac Haritasi. I am currently developing a new project with pilot in Belgium to provide meaningful job to skilled women migrants in Europe. We wanted to build an AI platform with various modules. It would be very interesting to speak to you to listen to your “technology” journey and the do and the don’t and who knows maybe we could partner :-)
NeedsList PBC
We’re working with Welcome.US now, a national effort to support Afghan refugees and housing is far and away the biggest urgent need, thanks Michael!
Yunus Berndt_&Arise
Michael, you are doing great work in Louisville. As you mentioned the close relationship you have with tenants and that you are going to scale nationwide, I wondered how you sold this balance/dilemma of personal relationships vs. scalability to your partners/investors. We as a social startup, also love to work closely with our clients, but it is somehow a no-go to emphasize that too much when pitching to investors who are mainly concerned with scalability.
Awena Lebeschu
Many thanks for those interesting ventures! 1. Do you have any examples of homegrown bankable business in countries of origin of forced displaced (80%+ FDP are hosted in emerging markets), 2. How do you manage inclusiveness, as serving hosts too per Global Compacts/shared benefit and responsibilties?
Launch Capital: Michael Hall
Yunus, I think it’s important that you look at your investors (and other people on your capital stack) as customers who have their own needs. It’s important that your investors are on board with the scope and scale that can be realistically achieved. I think we struck that balance by being very careful about what type of capital we took. We attempted to make our investment as “typical” as possible so our structure is fairly vanilla box Private Equity Real Estate structure.
Rahmat Mokhtar
Any response or plan to response to address the needs in the 120k Afghan arrival?
NeedsList PBC
@rahmat, you can see welcome.us/exchange as a starting point or reach out at tasha@needslist.co
Yunus Berndt_&Arise
@Michael, many thanks for your insights!
Launch Capital: Michael Hall
Second that, welcome.us is the best starting point to connect to that need
Diego Hakspiel
Hi @Tim Docking, it's great to hear about the market assesments that you atre carrying out to catalyze private investment. Are these markets assessments public?
Diego Hakspiel
Launch Capital: Michael Hall
If anyone wants to connect my email is best way to get connected: michael@launch-intl.capital
Selen Ucak- RIN
Resilient 100: https://refugeeinvestments.org/resilient100/
Rahmat Mokhtar
@needlist PBC, I think my question was about is there any plan or specific response to the 120k arrival in investment and finance for the business? out of 120k thier is a lots of individuals who are former business owners or entrepreneurs but have no idea about financing and capital works in US?
Selen Ucak- RIN
And my email is selen.ucak@refugeeinvestments.org
Sandrine Ramboux
Super interesting! Thank you for the time you took today, very inspiring
Izabela Ersahin
Thank you all very interesting panel
Hoda Salman
Wonderful experiences and insights shared today. Thank you all!
Dawla Kodi
so nice, thank you very much
Awena Lebeschu
Inspiring, thanks a lot!
NeedsList PBC
I actually have not heard much discussion yet about direct investment in entrepreneurship for Afghan arrivals, but it’s definitely on my mind. Let’s talk about it!
RIN Communications
Thank you all for joining!
Launch Capital: Michael Hall
Thanks everyone.
NeedsList PBC
Thanks all!
Lomoro Emmanuel
A big thanks for the fascilitors for today. looking forward to joining this great community
Tim Docking
Thank you taking the time to join us. WE look forward to hearing from you