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Journey to the Boardroom: A Psychometric Approach to Fit Why Understanding Your Thinking Style Helps You Land the Right Board Seat - Shared screen with speaker view
Kimberly Fine
Hi - our speakers are ready for questions fire away!
Amina Oyagbola
Could you please explain why the Adviser role in the model is described as Patronizer?
Heidi Grant
it’s my understanding you don’t ask to be on a board. What is the best approach to let your network know your interest
Mary Falvey
Donna mentioned learning where you fit re the styles already on the board as defined by your four: How do you find out?
Mary Falvey
Where does the advisor board fit in one’s board strategy? Can it be a path to board service or is it a separate domain - for another conversation?
Kim Box
Always ask what the D&O insurance and also to read the ByLaws to see where the power lies
Tracey Gray-Walker
Would you please talk more about how to engage with Board Wise?
Vicki Dudley
Thank you for a very informative discussion. Very good use of our time.
Mace Rothenberg
I'm going to have to jump off the call for a board meeting that starts at the top of the hour. Thanks so much everyone! This was fun!!!
Heidi Roth
Thank you!
Heidi Grant
thank you. excellent forum
Sonya Little
Thank you. Very informative