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UpCounty Democrats County Council At-Large Candidates Forum - Shared screen with speaker view
Michael Tardif / MCDCC At-Large
Also joining us tonight: Brandy Brooks, Candidate for Montgomery County Council At-Large, and who will be among the candidates for the second UpCounty Democrats County Council At-Large Candidates Forum on May 18.
Elly Shaw-Belblidia
UpCounty Democrats!
Tom DeGonia States Attorney Candidate
Great to join the UpCounty Dems this evening. Thank you for organizing and thanks to the candidates for participating. Tom DeGonia State's Attorney Candidate. tom@tomdegonia2022.com www.tomdegonia2022.com #ChangeCantWait
Gloria Aparicio
Buenas Noches! Thank you Marko and Andrew for doing this important event. This is democracy at its best. Gloria Aparicio for Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee District 17 Gaithersburg/Rockville.
Grace Rivera Oven
Thank you Andrew , Michael and Marko, happy to be here. We are lucky to have great Democrats on this call.Grace Rivera-OvenCandidate for the Board of Education Dist. 1
Michael Tardif / MCDCC At-Large
Reminding everyone that if you have not yet requested your Mail-in Ballot, you can do so online at http://bit.ly/needballot. Request "mail delivery" for fastest processing/counting of your Mail-in Ballot.
Kathy Milani
How can developments, like in Clarksburg—a cluster of housing without any concern to have amenities to walk to—continue to be approved Upcounty.
Grace Rivera Oven
Appreciate everyone’s support of the Up County HUB🙏🏼
Michael Tardif / MCDCC At-Large
Not sure in which Council, Board of Ed, or Legislative District you now reside after redistricting? Go to http://bit.ly/MDVoterLookup.
Kathy Milani
Yes, we need gardens—not grass.
Karl Van Neste
Should a small percentage of ag reserve land be used for solar farms?
Kathy Milani
Unfortunately, HOAs forbid growing vegetables in front yard. Where can I find more info on tax incentives about vegetable gardening/homeowners? Thanks.
Tom Hucker
Thanks so much for having me! Please stay in touch: tom@tomhucker.com, (240) 481-4825 cell. I’d be honored to win your vote!
Michael Tardif / MCDCC At-Large
Respectfully asking for your vote for the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee At-Large Progressive Slate:Sarah BrandIlhan CagriBarbara EbelMarko Rivera OvenAndrew SaundryMichael TardifPeter Witzler
Rebecca Castillo
Please fund the Up County Hub.
Matthew Amon
Really appreciating the respectful and thoughtful dialogue here. Matthew Amon, candidate for MCDCC District 17.
Rebecca Castillo
Hello. Happy to be attending. Thank you to the UpCounty Democrats for hosting. Rebecca Rosales Castillo MCDCC D39
Judge Kathleen Dumais
Great to hear from these three at-large candidates. Thanks Upcountry Democrats! Hope you will vote for the Sitting Judges - Judge Acosta, Chernosky, McGuckian and me.. Our website is www.ElectSittingJudgesmcs.com. Contact me at SittingJudgeDumais@gmail.com if you want more information!
Gloria Aparicio D17
Thank you for this opportunity. I would like to be part of the Montgomery Central Committee District 17 to support the mission and goals of the Democratic Party. As candidates and elected officials, we need to work together to champion and support your vision and the community all of us serve! MCDCC D17. Gloria Aparicio
Grace Rivera Oven
The arrest of two teenagers today a 14 year old and 15 year old in the homicide last week at Gunners Branch of a 20 year old-is absolutely heartbreaking… ghost guns is a major issue. The lack of arrest in the Jay lyn Jones case a senior at Northwest High School is unsettling and simply devastating…the lack of trust with the community and the police is taking a toll.
Rebecca Castillo
Agreed. As a candidate for MCDCC for D39, I look forward to working hand and hand to help our communities feel save, our officers are trusted and we have long term solutions.
Tom DeGonia States Attorney Candidate
@Grace completely agree with you. We must have a community based approach and partnerships to rebuild the trust.
Margie Delao
Thank you for putting this forum together. These are pertinent issues to our county and are necessary to discuss. My name is Margie Delao and I am running for the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee for District 15 because I believe our party is capable of properly addressing these issues that impact our communities. I support building civic engagement and working together as a party to find a path forward. I love this community and look forward to growing with it through the coming years.-MCDCC Candidate District 15, Margie Delao
Alicia Hannon
Good evening! Former Gaithersburg Councilmember Laurie-Anne Sayles is now a candidate for Montgomery County Council At-Large! Please visit her website www.LaurieAnneSayles.org to learn about her S.M.A.R.T. plan for our county! #Sayles4MoCo
Gloria Aparicio D17
I am running for the MCDCC District 17 because we need to engage the community and speak their language and seek their input about all these issues. There is no much effort to be involved when the seat is secured....we need to change that. I am excited to see these three outstanding elected leaders that I know will continue to do the right things for our communities in Montgomery County.
Grace Rivera Oven
We need Blancas at every school!!!
Saman Qadeer Ahmad, D15 MCDCC
Good Evening All! Thank you to the Germantown Dem Club, and the hosts of this forum for putting this event together tonight so that we can engage with candidates on these pressing issues. Furthermore, thank you to the candidates for taking the time to speak with upcounty residents about their platform and experiences. Look forward to working with everyone. -Saman Qadeer Ahmad, D15 MCDCC Member
Gloria Aparicio D17
To the candidates and elected officials here tonight, how can MCDCC support you as candidate and as elected officials?
Saman Qadeer Ahmad, D15 MCDCC
@Grace fully agreed. She was brilliant. May she rest high and in peace.
Robert Bass Candidate for Sheriff
Good Evening All,
Kathy Milani
I don’t know the details, but Germantown lost a women-minority-owned business. We supported them, but not sure what, if anything, the county did to help Provisions.
Margie Delao
Losing Provisions was tough.The owners were great people. I used to go weekly.
Andrew Saundry, MCDCC At-Large
If everyone who isn't speaking could mute themselves please
Kathy Milani
They are wonderful. It was really the best places to go in Germantown —which typically has only chains.
Grace Rivera Oven
It was!!! Miss them😕
William Roberts//D2 County Council Candidate
Agree, losing provisions during the pandemic was tough. A great locally grown women-owned small business.
Margie Delao
I live in Germantown and it really was one of the only few small businesses. Chains have really taken over here.
Kathy Milani
Let’s not forget about Gail, who could have been killed, when her dog, Sassy, was hit and killed on Waters Landing Drive.
Saman Qadeer Ahmad, D15 MCDCC
One of the biggest driving factors I found thru my practice counseling such businesses was the inability to keep up with rent for commercial real estate. There are unfortunately not enough safe guards in those leases to protect these owners.
Grace Rivera Oven
We had two weeks ago two children that got hit 20 minutes apart! We need to use technology to our advantage.!!
Kathy Milani
Someone sped by me as I was entering a crosswalk. She was on the phone and oblivious. I trust this is so common.
Barbara Ebel
&Saman totally agreed. I speak weekly with small business owners and one of the biggest challenges many are facing is their inability to pay for their commercial lease.
William Roberts//D2 County Council Candidate
Thanks to the Upcounty Dems for holding this important forum and for elevating Upcounty issues. Thanks to the candidates. It was great to see so many participating tonight. Again, I’m William Roberts, a fierce advocate for the Upcounty, and your candidate for County Council D2. Find out more and join our team at https://www.williamjroberts.org!
Nina Liakos
Pandemic *was*?
Gloria Aparicio D17
Good job everyone!!! I would love to connect with you and learn about the issues and work together to find solutions. vote4aparicio@gmail.com. @Dems4Gloria
Grace Rivera Oven
Thank you everyone who is running for office, your investment to make our community better is dully noted👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Michael Tardif / MCDCC At-Large
Inviting all to unmute and say goodnight!
Kathy Milani
Thanks Andrew—great job!
Gloria Aparicio D17
Thank you! Buenas noches.
Peter Witzler (he/him/el)
Don't forget the MCDCC Brunch too:https://act.myngp.com/Forms/-5893711154090866176
Margie Delao
Thanks to the Upcounty Dems for this amazing forum! It was well run and very insightful as a Germantown resident.