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2022 CHA and Polsinelli Virtual Regulatory Review Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Erica Austin (TN CLE requested)
I am front loading my questions as follows:
Erica Austin (TN CLE requested)
1. When are upcoming IFRs expected and on what topics?2. Does CO law to allow ERISA plans to opt into state process for OON payments and disputes between providers and payors? If an ERISA plan opts in, how is this made public?3. As states are charged with primary enforcement of the NSA, will the state of CO issue any guidance on how this will be managed in CO? Do we expect any changes to our current state process for responding to alleged balance billing violations.4. Will CO lawmakers revise CO law to align with NSA in expanding the definition of protected emergency services to include post-stabilization services?5. Will CO law make any revisions or offer official guidance about how the state notice/consent/disclosure processes will work with the NSA? (Meaning modify CO’s requirements to align with NSA more closely?)6. CO law does not appear to have state law like a patient-provider dispute mechanism like the NSA’s PPDR process?
Erica Austin (TN CLE requested)
7. Will CO law be changed to adopt more attractive and user-friendly aspects of the IDR process for providers and payors (aka filing batch appeals vs individual appeals?)
Erica Austin (TN CLE requested)
Do we now when GFE will be required for all patients and not just uninsured and self-pay?
Laura Reed
What happens if the payer does not pay within 30 - 45 days from acknowledgement of the claim receipt? Is the IDR process still in effect?
Laura Reed
Are payers required to have dedicated people, fax, phone for the providers to use during negotiations? Is there a time requirement that they must respond to the providers request for negotiation?
January Montano
You did drop off after "payers will be cancelling contracts"
Wendi Gillard
I have to cut out for another meeting. Thanks so much for this series!
Ryan Morgan
Thanks for attending everyone! I am available at rmorgan@polsinelli.com for questions
Brian Betner
Great job!
Megan Axelrod
Catharine Fortney
Thank you!!