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SWHPN Student Session: Tips For Finding A Job In Palliative Care - Shared screen with speaker view
Shayna McCoy
would palliative care be considered an organ transplant patient? I am working towards working with veterans that have had an organ transplant..
Ruth Whatley
Do your organization take volunteers in social worker, who is not in school.
Shayna McCoy
Would personal experience be something professional to add to an interview? or to add to questions asked by the interviewer?
Susan Hoddinott
As a older, soon to be, MSW graduate. How much should my first career be discussed in the interview? It is relevant work as a nurse in long-term care.
Sam Idan (she/her)
From the interview question regarding personal loss or family loss, how should you navigate this if it is true but you don’t wish to share it? Also, when/if do you share things of that nature?
Madona Elias
Advanced clinical practice at the Intensive Care Unit was my primary work and study experience in different countries worldwide. I am working on getting my CSW license in the US; however, even though I have over 17 years of experience, I could not find a job in clinical social work because I am not licensed yet in the US. I am working on clinical research, but it is never the same. How can you inform any employer that experience and previous knowledge in another country should be considered for the employer prior to getting your license in a new country?
Social Work Hospice & Palliative Care Network
"Every social worker is a palliative social worker, given the past year" -- that's an excellent point!
Jennifer Lien
This was all extremely helpful information! Thank you all very much for your time and expertise.
Sam Idan (she/her)
this was great! thank you~
Elizabeth Malone
Thank you so much.
Susan Hoddinott
Thank you so much! This was very helpful.
Layna Fromkin
thank you so much for this, so informative and helpful!!
Madona Elias
Thank you all
Jessica Donato
thank you!