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Parks Design Team Meeting - Shared screen with gallery view
Pat Abercrombie
What's the basic surfacing of the promenades?
Terrence smith
I dont see a kayak, canoe drop-off in the future, unless you have a car to back down to that spot. a Car would have to traverse across trail traffic to get to access. Otherwise, from parking lot yo canoe access is sizable distance.
Mathieu Isaacs
What happened to the pickleball courts that were proposed at Badger
Healdsburg Community Services
Great questions. We'll go over them and discuss at the end of the presentation. Keep them coming!
Terrence smith
yes on the trees. Preserve
Cecilia Pietropaoli
Yes on the trees !
Chris Herrod
I don't see a walking loop happening here, though I think it could. I think that it would be missed if we don't include it. It could be more interesting and varied than the track now, but I'd like to see it here.
Marcy Flores
I’d like to touch on the play area :)
Cecilia Pietropaoli
The dog park looks smaller than the existing one. Why can it not be extended further down towards 16
Pat Abercrombie
The two (#10) overlooks appear to be the viewpoints out to the river. However these are not the high points of the promenades. Is the river visible over the trees from the high points? Or is the only view under the tree canopy at the 10s?
Lee Sigler
Has the city analyzed the waiting list for community garden plots to see where they would like to go to for garden space and what they would like to see as far as plots are?
Mathieu Isaacs
Given the significant improvements is there going to be enough parking space?
Chris Herrod
I'd like to hear why we the promenade is so wide in spots, near the parking lot for example. Is this just an aesthetic choice?
Kenneth Munson
Until Syar leaves their mining operation….the “view” across the river isn’t particularly pleasant. Better to thin/window under-story canopy to filter/soften the “view” to the River.
Mark McMullen
Can there be a "River Walkway" that would allow you to go from south end to the north end, that might eventually connect to the path to the Syrah gravel bar? It would be allowed to flood easily.
Mark McMullen
Sorry, in this picture it is more west to east.
Nancy Andrews
Does the removal of invasive species include the widespread Arundo (giant reed) on both sides of the river?
Terrence smith
I like the community interaction ,but I am against a destination park for people coming from everywhere in the county
Mathieu Isaacs
how wide will the river walk trail be?
Mathieu Isaacs
will river walk trail be open to bicycles?
Terry Kemp
I agree, I would also like to see some music opportunities
Tony Ramsden
To help us think about the planned number of features in this park (e.g. tennis, pickleball, dog areas, etc.), it would be helpful to have an inventory of the numbers of each type of feature in all the city parks.
Kenneth Munson
Is there more or less parking than current? Expanded gardening will need more parking. Tools, soil, etc require vehicles transportation for most gardeners.
Terry Kemp
amen to intergenerational
Brian Geagan
I live on Haydon St., and the path from Tilley Grove is always the way I enter Badger.
Jay Tripathi
I think the challenge of the large grade change between 2nd St and the park is very limiting for people with limited mobility. I'm not sure there is a decent way to make that accessible for everyone. And, I live on Brown St. That's path I usually use to access Badger Park.
Jay Tripathi
What are other properties that the city owns where a community garden could be located? Corp yard or community center?
Mathieu Isaacs
I believe there used to be a community garden at the community center that has been abandoned
Kenneth Munson
Great example of working/living with flood prone area’s.
Mary Beth Vierra
Ditto the comment above by Jay Tripathi to at least consider expanded community garden space being developed in other potential city locations. It makes a lot of sense to keep it all in one place, but not if there isn’t parking and in and out access when we can use some of that space for other opportunities anyway
Mindy Kiff
Beautiful design. I like that the flow of the promenade mimics the look of the Russian River on a map. I agree that it would be nice to have better access to put in or take out a kayak or canoe easily at this park. Glad to see the soccer area kept at this park.
Brian Geagan
Thank you all. Get well, Mark.