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Global Literacy Talks--Fall 2021 - Shared screen with speaker view
Lee Renfroe
I am having trouble hearing - is there any way to increase the volume? I have done all I can do from my end.
Cathy Copeland
We're so grateful to have all of you in the room. Feel free to keep your cameras on, if you are comfortable.
Cathy Copeland
Lee Renfroe
I love the idea of considering a SDG focus upon entering college. I think he said that was done at UT Knoxville - interesting!!
Amy Below
I was thinking the same thing! What a great and innovative idea!
Cathy Copeland
I love the idea of an SDG major too, Lee!
Cathy Copeland
Are there other ideas on your campuses for allowing flexibility with majors and professions to help support SDGs?
Lee Renfroe
We do have an Interdisciplinary Studies major that allows "designing" your curriculum to address a specific career path - I think it could also be designed to address a specific SDG(s) as well. I know most universities offer a similar path to graduation.
Lee Renfroe
I also find it challenging to feel a part of a global impact. I know the small rock causes ripples that are far reaching but it is still hard to imagine that I can make a global difference.
Maria Ortuoste
For the students in this forum: what are some of your ideas, feelings, or recommendations about the many challenges that face our planet? How can educators and your institutions help you?
Amber Godwin
@ Phillip ~ That's such an interesting question, there are some states where languages other than English are essential (i.e. Louisiana is a francophone state) and then those subdialects (i.e. Cajun French) are part of what can help create cross cultural connections between and among different communities. I wonder how those different Acadian communities could find unity in exploring an SDG together with their language as a way of uniting them inside their own identity as US citizens AND global citizens
Cathy Copeland
https://www.un.org/isotope/59098/10838: SDG Hubs
Phillip Bailey
Thanks for the engagement Amber. I agree for French/Cajun in Louiisana and here in Arkansas you cansay Spanish language skills are needed to form enduring connections among communities as well
Amber Godwin
YES! And how interesting would that exploration be?! So cool. Language is so complex
Lee Renfroe
Is there any support i.e. curriculum, etc. to teach these in an academic setting? Are there curriculum resources available?
Jody Neathery-Castro
Would love to hear from students!
Cathy Copeland
@Lee: This is a useful resource https://worldslargestlesson.globalgoals.org/
Lee Renfroe
Thank you! That helps!
Amber Godwin
@JY, I am curious about this, do your students initiate action to help clean the plastic from the beaches?
JY Zhou
Yes. I asked students to identify local issues. Then based on the issues they raised, we will have groups to work on finding a solution.
Amber Godwin
That's awesome! So empowering
Cathy Copeland
Yes! Are there any actions that are happening on your campuses that energize you?
Lee Renfroe
I think as a country, we have a tendency to only learn about our own country (as a deep dive). We need to do more to learn globally than regionally. It makes it harder to work together when we don't really know much about other countries and other parts of the world. How can we make a shift? (These came from two students in my class)
Amber Godwin
I am hoping to grow that kind of action plan and then movement in my own students :)
JY Zhou
The local issues are so close to our students. They care deeply about those issues, so they are more motivated.
Amber Godwin
And they had ownership in bringing that forth which I think is so important in getting them involved and invested, and THEN I feel like seeing that come full circle helps students want to do more
Lorette Calix
Great session, but have to go. Thanks.
JY Zhou
@Lee, I also use virtual exchange as well. I pair my students to work with students from other countries. We compare our local issues and potential solutions, so we develop this perspectives seeing the world as a dynamic system -- global goals, local differences and similarities.
Maria Ortuoste
Love all the responses! And would love to keep exchanging ideas on this issue. 🙂
Lee Renfroe
Student response: On our campus here at UNA we have started the Exercise is Medicine Initiative where we promote physical activity to students, faculty and staff. We do this by offering various events and resources for all to get involved.
Amy Below
I'm getting some great ideas for how I can re-envision my World Problems class. Maybe around the SDGs!
Amy Below
@JY How did you initially connect with the students in other countries?
Phillip Bailey
one issue for me down the road is how to assess the learning that takes place toward the desired outcome of global literacy?
Amber Godwin
@ Phillip, there is an Advocacy Toolkit on NCSS website that kind of provides a framework for action based assessments
Lee Renfroe
Our cyber security system isn't allowing us to access our microphone :(
Maria Ortuoste
I will be teaching Model UN in spring, and you all have given me an idea how to start the course -- ask them about the local issues closest to their hearts, and then get into SDGs and the UN committees.
Cathy Copeland
JY Zhou
@Amy, your campus probably have those virtual exchange programs, such as COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning). Students work with each other in their courses, facilitated by faculty on both campuses.
Lee Renfroe
I'm sorry but it still won't let me access the mic. Thanks for the shout out!! Wish we could speak. I have my social determinants of health students listening with me.
Jody Dixon
I am so glad you were all able to join us Lee!
Maria Ortuoste
@Lee: thank you and thanks to your students
Amy Below
Thank you @ JY! I'll look into COIL!
Nargiza Usmanova
Thank you!
JY Zhou
@Lee, so glad that your students are here!
Maria Ortuoste
In addition, I am hoping that after our MUN conference, the students can do or plan some projects connected to SDGs that can be locally implemented. Will appreciate suggestions and ideas from all of you.
Courtney Woods
Here is link to World101’s SDG lesson and infographic : https://world101.cfr.org/global-era-issues/development/sustainable-development-goals
Lee Renfroe
This has been a refreshing exercise for us! Lots of interesting discussion and ideas. I have taken several suggestions and responses from this to add to what I am currently doing. Thank you for this opportunity!!
Cathy Copeland
Thanks, Courtney!
Cathy Copeland
Thank you, Lee!
Maria Ortuoste
Thank you so much, Ramu! Thank you to everyone!
JY Zhou
Thank you, Ramu!!
Amy Below
Thank you Ramu! I really like the idea of the "discomfort of thought" and "comfort of opinion."
Nelly Wadsworth
Thank you for these great ideas and excellent discussion.. Thank you Ramu.
Lee Renfroe
I thank you for recording it as well. This is not our usual class time so it will be great to share it with the students who could not attend live - lots of great discussions are ahead!!
Torian Lee
This was a great session. Thank you Ramu!
Amber Godwin
Grateful to be a part of the conversation today, thanks ya'll and thank you so much Ramu!