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CIR: UN 2.0 with Dr. Richard Ponzio - Shared screen with speaker view
Sandy Campbell
Folks type your questions right here!
Earl James
How can building back better with transformative global environmental governance help raise all boats - economic, social, inclusive governance, etc.?
Herb Thomas
Many of us at SFCIR are liberal internationalists, basically, but we know that many Americans are viscerally opposed to what they call “globaloney.” What can we do to improve the U.S. public’s appreciation for the value of the UN system? Examples I know of: *Sometimes* the UN Security Council can actually accomplish things for international peace and security, e.g., the sanctions that the UNSC put on Qadhafi after Pan Am 103. Also U.S. national interests—economic interests— are boosted by our participation in specialized agencies such as the International Ciivil Aviation Organization, where most of their rules, over the decades, have been made by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. That has been worth billions to the U.S. economy. Same for the International Maritime Organization, which takes its cues from the U.S. Coast Guard. Same for the WHO in normal times.
Lynn Heffron
What involvement does he have with the Commission on the Status of Women?
As Honorary Consul for the Republic of Azerbaijan, I am interested in how the UN can help solve the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan where Armenia captured about 20 percent of Azerbaijan's territory in a 1993-1994 war and has refused to recognize UN resolutions recognizing Azerbaijan's sovereignty of Nargorno-Karabakh and seven adjacent provinces. Within the past month Armenia has invaded Azerbaijan in another area unrelated to Nagorno-Karabakh. Can the UN be of any value if it cannot bring an end to this type of conflict?
With Russia and China as permanent Security Council members, and often teaming up, the veto power they have has often blocked the goals of the majority: On social, humanitarian, economic issues. Is there any chance the SC structure will be modified in the next 75 years?
Linda Barker
Having been evacuated from Rwanda when the war started there, I'm feeling that current hostilities in Yemen, the Yazidis in Iraq, and the Weigurs in China are issues that beg for attention from the UN. What is/can be done in these cases?
Sandy Campbell
Last call for questions, folks!
Herb Thomas
Thanks very much!