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Empowered Elder Workshop - Shared screen with gallery view
Constance - Lagunitas, BAy Area CA
The Attentive heart, conversations with trees, Stephani Kaza
Francine new york
Nature and the Human soul This is a book that was recommended and I found it very helpful . It makes it clear what archetypes are activiated at the time of elderhood and what tasks the soul could complete by Bill Plotkin
Lucetta Swift -Grass Valley, CA
The Attentive Heart; Conversations with Trees by Stephanie Kaza
Jules Pavelich- Ely, MN
The woman that I had in my dyad (oh my gosh, Ive forgotten her name) had to leave early today. She will be back next week, however. She wanted me to let you all know.
Constance, will you be sharing your slides?
Crystal Gloistein - EAN
- What breaks my heart about what is happening on the earth is…• When I think about the world our grandchildren will inherit, I feel……• Ways I deal with or use these feelings are….
Constance - Lagunitas, BAy Area CA
When I open my heart to the pain of the world I.
Constance - Lagunitas, BAy Area CA
The issue that calls me most.
Constance - Lagunitas, BAy Area CA
As an Elder I might engage by.
Crystal Gloistein - EAN
When I open my heart to the pain of the world I…….The issue/ crisis that most calls to me most now is…..As an Elder I might engage with this issue by…..
Crystal Gloistein - EAN
Business as Usual – The story of the industrial growth society.More and faster is better, There is not enough, Nature as a commodity, Getting ahead is the only goal, The problems of others (peoples, nations, species) are not our concern. White European Culture and Thought is the best. Just the way it is.
Crystal Gloistein - EAN
The Great Unraveling - Story of Effects of Business as Usual.World is falling apart, Life is doomed, Resources depleted, Mass extinctions, Economic collapse, Climate disruption, Social division and war inevitable.
Crystal Gloistein - EAN
The Great Turning – More on this next sessionThere is an Ecological Revolution, a Sustainability Revolution and social Revolution, Equity Revolution happening all over the world. It is the transition from a doomed industrial growth society to a life sustaining society.
Constance - Lagunitas, BAy Area CA
down to earth on netflicks.
Constance - Lagunitas, BAy Area CA
indigenous people's history of America.
Constance - Lagunitas, BAy Area CA
An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States (REVISIONING HISTORY Book 3) Kindle Editionby Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz (Author)