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37 practices of Buddhistava - Shared screen with speaker view
Terri Mock Hyman
My hardest part was towards the beginning to experience the unconditional love. I could not find it from other people, then I could not find it for myself. Too hard for me to say so I thought I would write my feelings.
Thank you for sharing
yes, well expressed.
Terri Mock Hyman
My husband did it with me and I shared my feeling with him, he said haven’t you ever felt that from God? I think that is a good thought because I have actually felt it from God.
Diane Indart
Aza, have u tried to release ur emotion by trying to solve the situation with ur neighbours ? like in communication what bothering u ?
Aza Paraiso
:-) Thank you Diane :-) I tried but we could not get an open conversation. They dont wanted to know About what I Need. Now I have the Idea to talk to them in a new way but I am actually affraid. I hope to get strong to Show my weekness in a way which they can take.
Aza Paraiso
Thank you Terri, I am impressed today (and last day) About your sharing. And than you Christine and all to talk About Kobi´s sister. I was touching to hear About a real Person like this.
Aza Paraiso
Dear Diane, I hope I understood it in a Right way. Im oper to more ideas :-) Thank you so much
Diane Indart
I understand, I had many situations like this with roommates, and I noticed, for me, my anger was more against me, cause I wanted to assert my needs by communicating to them, but I could not do it, I was scared. Then I did it, and it did not work all the time, if the person is not in “non violent communication”, or not listening, they wouldn’t change…. Maybe I hope u can try a second time maybe with a harsher way as maybe they don’t understand the soft way… I wish ur anger will collapse <3