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Tuesday LTC Provider Call - ALF/RC - Shared screen with speaker view
If a family member lives in MA, it reads that they can not visit?
Jasmine Gosselin
Only if they public via public conveyance
Cate Ahern
wondering what people are planning to do when screening if someone answers yes to runny nose but claims to have allergies. this was brought up at my staff meeting yesterday and we decided to err on the side of caution but wondering what others plan is.
Jasmine Gosselin
*if they travel via public conveyances
Anne Purington
when was call with commissioner?
It addressed visiting in a specific room, in house... however, we don't have a separate, unoccupied room.... I am assuming this is something we don't offer.... but are we required to offer visits in their room when it is not a compassionate care situation
Sarah Morazzini
We also will air on the side of caution
Amy R. Thornton
can we be more strict about where visitors are coming from?
Doreen Shockley
Indoor Compassionate Care Visitation:Indoor visitation is allowed on a limited basis and under controlled circumstances for residentsNH Department of Health and Human Serviceswho are unable to go outdoors (e.g., due to a disability or advanced dementia), are in end-of life circumstances or for residents whose psychological wellbeing requires visitation. Decisionsabout compassionate care visitation should be made on a case-by-case basis by the LTCF, butany indoor visitation must meet the below requirements.In these situation visitation is allowed indoors, but must adhere to the following additionalrequirements (in addition to what is outlined above): Visitation is limited to two visitors (including clergy, bereavement counselors, etc.) at atime. The LTCF must identify a single consistent specific room for indoor visitation that is closeto the entrance to the facility
So, staff member supervising yet far enough away to provide privacy... visitor or resident breaks protocol by removing mask and hugging... staff member is not close enough to intervene... putting staff member in impossible situation
Anne Purington
was the call with the commissioner record? If so, can you share?
Kelly Adams
would a screened in gazebo be considered indoors or outdoors?
Cate Ahern
to add the Cheryl, if protocol is broken what is the next step to take? someone mentioned yesterday that family has to take resident home for 14 days of quarantine... do we have to quarantine within house?
Amy R. Thornton
We are also concerned with the use of surgical masks for residents....
Can we clarify that the visitors can wear a cloth mask, but the resident and staff must wear a surgical mask
Kelly Keefe
Staff and residents must wear a surgical face mask and visitors must wear at aminimum a cloth face covering or mask for the duration of the visit.
We are planning to send a message to families regarding the outdoor visitation which will include the screening questions to be reviewed when making a reservation as well as during visit screening. Yes answers to questions will be investigated further.
I'd appreciate further guidance on quarantine requirement for visitors coming into NH from outside NH, VT, ME in private vehicle. We have several visitors from MA where there is still wide spread outbreaks. We are operating on the premise of requiring anyone coming from MA to quarantine for 14 days.
We have family members asking about having residents go out to salon to have hair done since salons are open. What thoughts are there in regards to this?
Jasmine Gosselin
We plan to put two tables between the visitor seated space and the resident seated space so that there isn't opportunity for physical touch.
Cate Ahern
thank you
Anne Purington
Our challenge is the staffing. Assigning one person for this function is not feasible
Kirstin Swanson
What is the recommended length of time for a visit?
Our staff is pleading for a Bingo game for the mental health benefit of our residents
Jasmine Gosselin
I think time depends on your staffing levels and visit demand. We are thinking 20 min visits.
Amelia Wellstone House
we are doing 30 min visits with 30 min between to avoid overlaps and crowding and appropriate time for transferring the resdient as well as pre-screening and post visit sanitization procedures
We are thinking about 20mins
Kelly Keefe
A facility may further limit the length of any visit, the days on which visits will bepermitted, the hours during a day when visits will be permitted, and the number oftimes during a day or week a resident may be visited.
Anne Purington
cms does allow for small groups https://leadingage.org/regulation/cms-outlines-key-activities-nursing-home-reopening
Doreen Shockley
guidance requires that the visitor contact within 2 days, (card is a great idea!)
But also we have a deck that is one floor up that we will do any Dementia patient visits from due to the inability to explain to a dementia patient they can’t give their loved one a hug. And will allow for privacy
Lara Shea
can we hold small groups outside?
Lara Shea
6 feet apart and supervised by staff?
Jasmine Gosselin
Is the outdoor visit announcement being made today at 3pm? Timing on when we'll send letter to families.
Peabody Home
Last week Dr. Talbot said staff could take residents outside with masks, supervision. I think she said small group. Outside only
Kelly Keefe
Correct, announcement will be made today
Peabody Home
also six foot distancing
Doreen Shockley
I understand the Commissioner will make the announcement today at 3:00 giving authorization for LTC facilities to begin planning for outside visits.
Doing open window visits on the ground floor, from a community room, with both parties wearing masks and marking 6 feet from the window.... esp for dementia residents who will try to go to the family member sounds like a good alternative... Will this be allowed or is this too risky for other residents who also sit or walk through the community room?
Public Health has been very helpful with guidance for us when a staff member had a household exposure
Anne Purington
Sorry to be so persistent, but CMS states "Current State: Significant MitigationNursing homes remain at the highest level of vigilance. The surrounding community may be in phase 1 of Opening Up America Again. Visitation is generally prohibited except in certain compassionate care situations. Non-essential healthcare personnel are restricted. Communal dining is limited to COVID-19 negative or asymptomatic residents only, with social distancing enforced. Group activities are restricted, though some activities may be conducted for negative or asymptomatic residents only, with social distancing enforced. Non-medically necessary trips should be avoided and for medically necessary, unavoidable trips, residents must wear a facemask or cloth face covering. The nursing home must inform the transportation service and the receiving provider of the resident’s COVID-19 status." So, we're confused...
Has anyone heard if the LTC Stipend for medicaid providers will be extended past June 30th?
Thank you Gary for taking care of that!
Doreen Shockley
here is one of the guidances
Peabody Home
Cares Package grant applications are being completed now. Due June 19th. Going through the NH Charitable Foundation.
Roxie Severance
Consider nominating an employee to be a healthcare hero at www.nhhealthcareheroes.org
Is it still suggest to not share staff between facilities?
Roxie Severance
Sorry, I got disconnected from audio