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How to safely open: Hotels and motels - Shared screen with speaker view
Brand Wenger
A question was asked about if employees are required to wear masks in a back office setting. The answer is “yes”!
Brand Wenger
Another question asked if we’d share best practices regarding the opening and operation of pools. We will get into this in a few minutes and also provide a great resource document to help answer these questions.
Brand Wenger
“If guest room glasses are put in a dishwasher; is there any reason why they can’t continue to be used? We do not currently use wrapped/disposable glasses.” This still carries a very high risk of cross contamination. Staff handles glasses to and from the guest rooms. This can promote the spread of germs.
Brand Wenger
How would you recommend we handle guests signing restaurant receipts with contactless delivery? Great question. Pens need to be sanitized exactly like we do guest room key cards. If a staff person is handling a pen used by a guest, they need to take the proper precautions with regards to washing their hands, changing gloves, etc.
Brand Wenger
“How would you collect a signed receipt from the guest if we are dropping rather than personally delivering food?” I’d encourage you to speak with your accounting contact on how to handle that. It is recommended to eliminate the guest contact as much as possible but I do understand the need for signed receipts. There are more and more touches pay options coming to market and it would be good to monitor these options going forward.
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“What are the requirements for fitness centers? 30% occupancy of fire marshal occupancy?” Yes. But also making sure that social distancing is being practices. This may require elimination or spacing of equipment in these areas.
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“Our indoor pool and fitness center are small. We are considering use by familial groups by appointment only. Would that violate any regulations?” Your concept is a very good one. Be mindful of gathering limits. I’m not aware of any concerns regarding violation of regulations with your plan.
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“What about remote controls for TV’s, fans, etc.? Should we eliminate them?” We don’t see that it is possible to eliminate these items. Instead, make sure your sanitizing process is sound for these items. Explore disposable products available that resemble fancy shower caps that can be provided and discarded once a guest has departed.
scott craver
erwyn has a remote control sleeve - very inexpensive
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“If an employee states that they are unable to wear the mask due to health reasons for extended periods of time is it allowed to permit them not to wear it if they are in the back of the house 6’ apart?” This is not permitted by DHSS standards. I’d encourage you to work through this with Human Resources.
Brand Wenger
“Is it ok to use brand specific signs for social distancing instead of Delaware ones?” I’m not aware of any mandated signage you have to use from the State of Delaware OTHER than the ones stated in earlier Executive Orders from the Governor. You are welcome to use the social distancing and mask related signage that you develop.
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“Can hotels take walk-ins?” As of June 1st, yes.
Brand Wenger
Walk-ins have been permitted through this phase 0 stage however they needed to be classified as doing work with an essential business or meeting one of the other criteria stated on the executive order.