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NY Federal Tax and Budget Response Team Open Call - Shared screen with speaker view
Larry Wood
we also need rent relief or face 10s of thousands of evictions.
Stanley Fritz
Rent Relief and education funding is very important
Peter Cook, NYS Council of Churches
I know there is 100 billion for Emergency Shelter grants and 5 billion for public housing. Is this in addition to the state and federal ask of (150 to 500 billion)? And what is your position on rent and mortgage forgiveness bill circulating from Ilhan Omar?
Alexandros Hatzakis
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Alexandros Hatzakis
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Peter Cook, NYS Council of Churches
Housing Question above from Peter Cook, New York State Council of Church. Again the question is :”O know there is 100 billion proposed for the Emergency Shelter Grants and 5 billion for public housing in addition to some other tools to make it easier to retain and build affordable housing. Is this ask in addition to the 500 billion (National Governor’s Association, proposed for state and local aid. And what is you opinion on Ilhan Ohmar’s rent and mortgage cancellation bill?
Ronald Deutsch
Please don’t seek to eliminate the MOE requirement on FMAP! That would be a terrible mistake for many NYers that rely on Medicaid coverage.
Peter Cook, NYS Council of Churches
Curious also how Emergency Shelter money would be used for hotels a place to house the homeless. Goal is 30,000 hotel room in New York
Annie Minguez
Thank you!