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Weight Loss Discussion Group With Donna Perrone - Shared screen with speaker view
susan Resnik
my screen with my image does not show up in any of my zoom meetings. I am sorry
looks cool tho
Cynthia Shankman
Impressive, 4 cups of sprouts. Love it.
Calorie deficit + regular exercise + good sleep hygiene = weight loss.Extra virgin olive oil, walnuts (and other nuts) and avocado are really the only rich fat sources on a vegan diet--fat is important to absorb fat soluable vitamins (A, D, E and K).Iodized salt includes iodine. This is an essenchial nutrient. The only other way to get it is in a multi vitamin or dropper. So salt is not also not bad if you are not supplementing (and instead eating fortifed foods like iodized salt).