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CHCG/CAS Live Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Michael Lamm
We are going to give it a couple more minutes for folks to join before we kick off the webinar.
Kennedy Bell
How do you handle it when both Suppliers have the same customer and have been competitors?
Kennedy Bell
Best way to stem the fear of employees (being acquired) from being displaced?
Michael Plunkett
Christa and Michael - What are you seeing with respect to remote work and data security and privacy? What kind of compliance programs are being implemented when people are working from dining room tables, etc.?
Kennedy Bell
“Trap of Arrogance” Love it
Brad Anderson
Michael: Have you seen a negative tsunami wave of brick/mortar contact center companies having to close due to inability to pivot to WAHA, some notable cases to share, are there some in NY state?
Michael Plunkett
Thank you Niki, Christa and Michael