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Seminars in Ageing - 23rd June - Shared screen with speaker view
Jo Tropea
Are there some CALD groups doing better than others in terms of inclusion in research or access to care etc.? Or people who have been here longer in Australia - more familiar with health system and family who can assist?
Jo Tropea
Bianca is covering my query a little now
Briony Dow
can you tell us a bit more about the different issues raised by the different cultural groups?
Natalie White
Can you please tell us why research was not done in all states and Territories - ie Tassie and NT? Thanks
Jo Tropea
Do aged care services collect country of birth or other CALD-related variables?
Karen Thode
Thanks for another interesting presentation! - I need to leave early so please accept my apologies .
Jo Tropea
Thanks Bianca