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MEDA 2020 Annual Membership Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Kevann Campbell
Thank you Paul for your dedication and for being a generous leader!
MEDA Gloria ORourke
If anyone would like to serve on the Fall Conference Committee, please let me know!
Anne Boothe
It's not a committee, but REMOTE WORK Working Group hopes to meet digitally next week. Sarah Wilson - one of the MSU students who published the report on understanding why young adults choose to move to rural Montana will join us. Stay tuned.
Kevann Campbell
Candidate forums hosted by Montana Broadcasters Association and Montana Newspapers Association may be a good opportunity to collaborate with - in person or virtual.
Russ Fletcher
Re- Next meetings - I hope we'll consider a virtual or in person state wide City Club Montana network developing for the election, the fall conference and the Next Gen rollout. Collaboration with Ambassadors would be outstading.
MEDA Gloria ORourke
Kev - could you share dates and contact info with me? Great idea.
Tracy McIntyre
I bet the Northern Broadcasting (Denise Smith) would be interested in partnering on the debates as well.
MEDA Gloria ORourke
Please keep in the info loop, Tracy and Kev. Thanks!
Kimberly Morisaki
Russ, I'm familiar with City Club Missoula. Are there others in the State?
Tracy McIntyre
gloria, do you want me to step out and call Kirk?
Tracy McIntyre
Nevermind :)
Russ Fletcher
Kimberly. Not yet but I'm hopeful. A network would really set Montana apart from other states without a state-wide dialogue.
Jeri Bucy
Gloria, will we have time for a Census update?
MEDA Gloria ORourke
Yes, Jeri - you are on the State slide...up after the Federal folks. Thanks for joining us!
steve arveschoug
yes. Jeri Bucy is on the agenda.
Jeri Bucy
Great! Thanks for having me!
MEDA Gloria ORourke
Charles Robison will be with us soon to share USDA information.
steve arveschoug
got it.
steve arveschoug
Thanks, Tara and Ken. Great job leading at this critical time. You partnership approach is appreciated. Also, note that Joe Willauer for his service on the CRF Taskforce.
Russ Fletcher
Only More than Half of Montana Households Have Responded to the 2020 Census – Has Yours?The state still lags behind the national average for responding to the once-in-a-decade count.https://matr.net/news/only-more-than-half-of-montana-households-have-responded-to-the-2020-census-has-yours/
steve arveschoug
Very good info.
Brent Donnelly
MEDA - Thank you again for the chance to share a few SBA updates and especially for your partnership with SBA here in Montana. Looks like (based on recent news reports) congress is working some possible additional changes to the PPP program, so stay tuned to the news (and I'll send out updates) if/as changes occur. It'll be really great to get on the other side of this thing. -Brent.
Eric Seidensticker
I appreciate all of the updates from the Federal and State partners. This info is very helpful. Was Department of Ag invited to present during the State section?
MEDA Gloria ORourke
I am sorry, Eric, but other than the general MEDA listserv invite, there was not a personal extension to Dept. of Ag. Would you like to share something with us?
Paul Reichert
Good catch Eric. DOAg and the Food Centers need to join in with MEDA
MEDA Gloria ORourke
That would be wonderful, Eric. There has been retirements and MEDA has lost touch a bit. We need to be connected.
Sarah Converse
I have started the Foot to Freezer group on FB for locally sourced protein. This is for those selling, in all forms, private, processors and storefronts. The purpose is for consumers to find locally sourced food! Foot to Freezer on Facebook!
Kevann Campbell
May 28 at 3PM, Governor Steve Bullock will host a press call to provide details on how the state will support destination communities and ensure they have the resources needed to enter phase two on June 1st and begin to welcome visitors again. https://www.facebook.com/MTPublicAffairs/posts/2999274586815727
Becky Bey
NICE WORK Tracy! Love it!
Brent Donnelly
Very cool. Way to go.
dianne lehm
Great Job!
Kimberly Morisaki
Nice. I am inspired!
Marie Hirsch
Great Job Tracy! Fun!
Leslie Messer
So cool!
Lorraine Roach
Fantastic video, thanks Tracy!