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2020 COVID-19 Recovery, Preparedness, and Transformation Zoom Session 3 - Shared screen with speaker view
Cathy Gaytan
Thanks Bill - that was great insight
Ben Bass
Thanks Bill. And thanks for all you do
Cathy Gaytan
Tello what is a healthy “target” for a nonprofit’s level of reserves?
Cathy Gaytan
How does a nonprofit establish a “baseline” of reserves to keep protected and not dip into?
Bruce Parsons
great question Cathy...normally framed in days of operation, i.e., number of days of operating revenue you should have in reserve. Tello should have some insight on this based on nature of the non-profit
Jaime Diaz
Are there any non profits from larger cities that have already prepared for a future crisis that you know of?
Cathy Gaytan
Thank you Tello - that was exceedingly helpful
Jaime Diaz
Great stuff Tello, thank you.
Robin Peyson
Tello-Really good information and things to think about regarding accounting systems.
Cathy Gaytan
Would you please define “subsidiary”? Does it have specific legal parameters? Is it a specific designation outside of the nonprofit status?
Cathy Gaytan
Who are the correct type of consultants to engage with to explore establishing a subsidiary?
Margarita Enriquez
I am Director of Fundacion UMC de Mexico IASP, sister Foundation of El Paso Children’s and UMC Foundation, through our Binational Borderless Giving Program, every year we organize a Day clinic in Juarez with Orthopedic Doctors from El Paso and Juarez to evaluate low income children that require orthopedic procedures or equipment We have impacted the Border Community with more than 100 surgeries, braces, physical therapies and consultations in the past 7 years. This year we had to cancel our Fundraisers events. We are planning to continue helping those children in need through Telemedicine. Do you think that Fundacion UMC de Mexico through Borderless Giving Program a candidate for Paso Del Norte Health Foundation Grant.
William Schlesinger
One more component - a good banking relationship.
Cathy Gaytan
Another aspect is what the market will bear in terms of pricing
Robin Peyson
Could Kathy say more about Trust as a luxury?
Cathy Gaytan
I would like to hear more about what shared leadership looks like in your organization, Krysten
Jaime Diaz
How about mentorship? In what ways can an organization develop new leadership within their existing staff to help prepare for a future crisis?
Cathy Gaytan
Congratulations Stephen!
Cathy Gaytan
I think that’s a great question Jaime. I too would love to hear about how to successfully implement mentorship.
Jaime Diaz
Permaculture is a great way to sustain food productivity
Jeff Seay-RAAC
Thank you everyone! Awesome information and great passion!
Robin Peyson
Great call and panel. Thanks!
Cathy Gaytan
Thank you so much for facilitating such a great workshop!