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PIHCIN summer webinar series #4 - Shared screen with speaker view
Jamie DeMore
here is our website http://spor-pihci.com/resources/covid-19/
Mylaine Breton
Bravo réseau 1!
Danielle Schirmer
Thanks Sabrina. R1Q is very happy to support such important work.
Sabrina Wong
Special shout out to Fred Burge, science lead in Nova Scotia PICHI as well
Fred Burge
nothing really to add… great group of folks here working to review the question.. challenge is getting our provider’s attention… they are so busy just trying to make their ‘offices work’!.. as well as so many other aspects of their lives that are impacted.
Jamie DeMore
Please type all questions in Q &A section. all comments should be placed here.
Sabrina Wong
43% report the well-being of their family suffered because of their work (in the last week)
Fred Burge
one of the thoughts we’ve had about dealing with home life and work life is to flex clinic times into more evening hours to allow families of providers to have some flexibility to have someone at home to support children or those who have care needs
Hannah Randolph
so to clarify the answer to the last question- the way patient education can help this situation is to encourage patients to be vocal in questioning the way things are run?
Sandra Holdsworth
not so much to question procedures but to express how they effect them and to collaborate as a team to see if there is a better way that works for both the HCP & Patient
Hannah Randolph
thank you :)
Sandra Holdsworth
Hannah this was just my input as a patient, thanks for feedback 😊
Rebecca Etz
Hugely enjoyable, all. Thanks for the warm welcome and for having me join you today. Happy to answer questions if anyone wishes to ask… rebecca.etz@vcuhealth.org
Sandra Holdsworth
thanks Gillian, Patients need to be active participants in their healthcare
Sandra Holdsworth
same with me David, it was one of many HCP, who took my history and knew I had gone 10 years without a diagnosis who ran lots of tests. ended up getting diagnosed with liver disease & Crohns. 25 years later I e had a liver transplant for 23 years and now have an Ostomy. who knows what would have happened if that doctor didn’t take the time and run tests. she’s still my primary care provider today.