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Discussion on Data Integrity Strategies During COVID-19 - Shared screen
Erik Olson
Good afternoon, this is your captioner. I'll do a test of the captions now for the meeting.
Erik Olson
I'll check both outputs
Erik Olson
Captions a
Erik Olson
*Captions are ready.
Nikki Powis
Thanks we see you Erik
Rebecca Sunder
Did the IT department for Alaska implement the Microsoft remote desktop feature for their staff?
marlene Swarts
Hi I'm how are counselors able or not able to work with those that have a need for other types of communication such as deaf blind, or people with cognitive disabilities?
HarrietAnn Litwin
Are counselors aware of/using the scanning functions on their smart phones to scan documents to be sent or uploaded to their case management systems?
Jen Wheelhouse
Are these same technologies being used for service coordinators, etc?
Doug Keast
thank you for the questions - keep them coming - we'll try to get to all of them as we go! we may get a couple in in between - but most will come after the panel addresses all 4 questions -
Mariah Krueger
Yes, our IT department created the RDP link for all VR staff.
marlene Swarts
what have you done for your staff that are hard of hearing or deaf?
Rebecca Sunder
In Minnesota for Deaf/HH staff we are using ZOOM for meetings with on demand interpreters, also using Microsoft Teams as captioning is available
Mariah Krueger
In Alaska, we have an ASL interpreter on staff who interprets for our deaf staff as well as clients. She links in to all meetings in which her services are needed.
Jen Wheelhouse
Zoom has had an issue with delays. Has this created any issues?
marlene Swarts
what about communication for those that need tactual sign language?
John Marchioro
any issues that you can disucss regarding Microsoft teams regarding the use of interpreters or any closed captioning drag?
John Marchioro
meaning multiple interpreters being used at the same time for different Deaf/HH staff? can all interpreters be on at the same time?
Jen Wheelhouse
Office Lens has the capability to convert a document from an image to PDF. I have been using this.
marlene Swarts
will the chat box also be on your web site as I can't watch the CC and the Chat at the same time.
Mariah Krueger
Personally, Teams has less lag time than Zoom, but we also have gotomeeting accounts that we can use as well. Often times the lag time depends more on the individual's home internet situation
Allison Flanagan
Florida has successfully been using Microsoft Teams for all our local meetings. I have had well over 15 on at the same time with interpreters signing and we didn't have any glitches. Just requires some preplanning to make sure everyone connects and the accommodations are in place.
Cassie Richard - OR-B
A few of my coworkers and I have been doing Zoom lunches once a week like we would be having lunch in the office. So helpful.
John Marchioro
will be very interested in knowing what new types of training ideas you come up with. We are going through the same issues. How to convert 18-20 hours of in person tarining into webinars. exactly!!
John Marchioro
Allison, do you also use teams for larger statewide webinars for staff?
Allison Flanagan
Go-to-Meetings is typically used for a much larger training/webinar. However, we are utilizing Teams more and more.
Jennifer Escorcia
Excellent Webinar. Great information. Thank you.