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myHR Partner & Equinox Town Hall - Shared screen with speaker view
Ryan Roberts
Feel free to ask questions in the chat as well
Good Afternoon. If daycares are allowed to re-open in full force with our local counties moving to the yellow, can an employee still be out on paid leave for FFCRA?
As we are calling employees back to work they are declining for various reasons, afraid to catch it, like being on employment, etc. Can we take that as their resignation? I know PA is at will and we can terminate them but is there anything under COVID protecting them?
Ron Cahill
Can we get a template of things that Employers need to consider to follow CDC recommendations and state guidelines?
Ryan Roberts
Hi Ron, yes we will send that out to everyone as a follow up, along with a recording of the town hall
Ron Cahill
What did your team call the Covid-19 HR person?
Elida Zgjani
Hi Ron - We’ve seen it referenced as Chief Covid Officer
If & when daycares open can employees still collect paid leave under FFCRA for lack of daycare if they are afraid to send children to daycare for fear of catching covid and lets assume there is no under lying health issue with the parents & child most likely they want to stay home and be paid to stay home
Buddy Lesavoy (BLesavoy@LesavoyButz.com)
sorry I have a 12 pm call I need to jump off for momentarily. this was great; thanks/best/stay safe!!
Kurt Cannon
Thank you! Great content.