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Phase 2: Chautauqua County Crisis Response Fund - Shared screen with speaker view
Amy Rohler
Vince Horrigan is the chair of the Decision Committee of the Chautauqua County Crisis Response Fund.
Gina Paradis
Regarding Open Safe - Has there been any efforts to create a non-profit procurement group to facilitate access to PPE?
Amy Rohler
There have been conversations about this, and we will continue to pursue them. Our rationale was that most organizations would still continue to need some funds and that the micogrant of $500 would be helpful.
Noah Goodling
When discussing the impact of COVID on our organizations, are we basing our grant proposals solely on what the current impact has been, or is it also appropriate to include some projections about what we think the future impact will be?
Melanie Witkowski
For the Microgrants, if something was already purchased PPP and other safety items in the past 2 months.
Melanie Witkowski
Can we submit a grant to help cover the costs, due to fundraising efforts needing to be cancelled.
Noah Goodling
Leigh Rovegno
As far as "severe financial hardship" is defined and interpreted...because we have received the PPP loan, I would not call our current financial hardship "severe", we also reduced staff salaries immediately upon having to close our building and cancel programs which saved us a lot of money in April. However, we are seeing reduced revenue and will continue to see reduced revenue from cancelled programs/fundraisers. So, I guess my question is...does this disqualify us because our current situation is not "severe"?
Hillary Meyer
Can we choose more than one of the choices for the "primary reason"?
derrick hicks
we operate a Christian School that is largely funded by tuition. with uncertainty because of Covid 19 many parents have chosen not to register for the fall. If we don’t see our numbers jump by July 1 we will have to close our doors. would the open safe be able to help bridge this gap while parents make decisons
Susan Schiavone
If our 2019 990 hasn't been completed yet, can we submit the 2018 990?
is a social club eligible for a grant?
Beth Hadley
Thank you for all of your work on behalf of our communities and nonprofits!
Leigh Rovegno
I think it is all very clear and well organized considering the circumstances! Well done!
Leigh Rovegno
Question: should we assume that we the regular community service grants are on hold for the foreseeable future and that this will be the primary grant focus for awhile?
Stephanie Stevens
Is this being recorded? I missed the first 15 minutes :(
Beth Hadley
Can nonprofits still register for the Big CHQ?
Linda Swanson
The Sheldon Foundation is continuing to receive grant applications as they always have , but note, our Sept meeting has been moved to August 4th, and the grant application for that meeting is now June 1st. September 1st is our deadline for our normal November meeting.
Judith Whittaker
Linda Swanson email address found where? on Sheldon Foundation site?
Community Foundation
The Sheldon Foundation info. is listed on the Chautauqua Grants website; linda@sheldonfoundation.org
Linda Swanson
Jessica Dayton
Thank you all for putting this together. Very helpful.
Judith Whittaker
thank you! very informative
Meredith Kenyon
Thank you! Very helpful.
Elizabeth Bush
Many thanks!!!