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Monday 9/21/20 - Shared screen with speaker view
Nan Beman
What has been the problem in MN for the ERA? I would have thought MN would have been on top of this!
Laura King
What is the rebuttal to the argument that the ERA is no longer needed in law?
Mary Moriarty
How is the death of RBG going to effect the ERA?
kay kessel
n Limmer's committee the Republicans have LWV and AAUW branches in St. Cloud, Alexandria, not Maple Grove, but our own outstate members don't coalesce to really take action. If we just go to the Capitol and talk to our legislators, that is just not effective. How can we really
kay kessel
Unite our AAUW members and LWV members in a more strategic way.
Sandee Stenzel
Nowthen is near Ramsey, Anoka,
Joyce Prudden
the State senate wanted sex not gender for ERA??
Dorothy Lilja
Will you speak more about how women are charged more by business, insurance, etc.?
Joyce Prudden
We are going to have a speaker from Gender Justice about this in March