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Virtual Coffee with the School Board #2 - Shared screen with gallery view
Jenny Sepulveda
Thanks you guys! Gotta run meet with a student. :)
Mandy Whitaker
Are there updated plans for how and when the middle school and high school will be coming back?
Michael Weeks
Do we have an understanding of how many students and staff have been exposed while in the hybrid system?
Robert Heib
Is there going to be a school resource officer at the High School when it re-opens? Were there any new security measures built in to the new buildings?
DaleAnn Baker
This may be surprising, but some kids are doing better out of the building and in the virtual and/or PPP homeschool (Saratoga). Will there be any considerations for these situations (i.e. keeping Saratoga at higher enrollment levels or other virtual opportunities)?
Kimberly Smelser
The vaccine being available to more people groups will help with confidence as well.
Michele Steiner
So glad the the resource officer will remain. Bud made it a point to get to know all the students. And not just when issues arose.
Matthew Morton
When will the gyms open for sports to begin again
Kimberly Smelser
Some individual conditioning times are available to some students. Email the coach of the sport to find out if you can connect your student with times for that.
Mandy Whitaker
If the middle school and high school get to come back in some form, what is the status of band and choir being available?
Mandy Whitaker
yes, i’ve read that too
Michele Steiner
Why the different metric system for the middle and high school (for the students to get in person) if they are in different buildings?
Ned Cross
As President of the Little League baseball and softball, I'm hoping the organized league will be allowed access school fields, following WA state return to play guidelines.
Angelia Boyer
Thank you very much for the video and discussion.
Kimberly Smelser
Will they post the video at some point to available to watch anytime?
Shannon Stulc
Thank you
Diane McAdaragh
thank you
Robert Heib
Thank you! The kids really enjoyed seeing the high school video!