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Food Cities 2022 Launch, 27/1/21, 10-11.45GMT - Shared screen with speaker view
Shaleen Meelu
Roz Salik
Welcome everyone to the launch of Food Cities 2022
Camille Chaumeron-Jourdan
Hello everyone from Lyon, France! Camille (Délice Network)
Teresa- Food4Thought
Hello from Grays, Essex, UK Teresa from Food4THought. Hope you are all staying well.
Shaleen Meelu
Welcome Camille and members of the Délice network. We look forward to learning together.
Jim Leandro Cano
Hello from the Philippines! Jim (Chair, Youth Alliance for Zero Hunger; Director for Agritech, 8Layer Technologies Inc.)
Chloe MacKean
Welcome everyone, brilliant to see so many people here for our Food Cities 2022 launch
Lorenza Sganzetta
Hello from Sant’Anna-Pisa_italy, SUM (sustainability management group). Thank you for this opportunity
Barbara Bray
Hi Jim, good to see you on here
Tanja Harrison
Good morning, everyone. Tanja Harrison from the University of Chester.
Chloe MacKean
Hello Jim! Nice to have a youth voice here :)
Jim Leandro Cano
Hey Barbara. Likewise. Hope you are safe and healthy these days. Cheers.
Jenny Rathbone
We may have produced lots of good foo, but we've also invented lots of ghastly junk which forms the basis of far too many people's fe
Jose Luis Vicente Vicente
Good morning from Germany (Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research, ZALF)
Jenny Rathbone
"food" intake
Misatiana Andriamampionona
Hello from Antananarivo, Madagascar! -Municipality of Antananarivo-
Jim Leandro Cano
Hi Chloe! Glad to be here. thanks for sharing this with us. Cheers
Jaffer Kapasi
Greetings, thank you for your invitation and look forward to achieving progress in this initiative
Shraddha Deo
Hey all, this is Shraddha Deo- CEO, SNEH Foundation, Pune. Ms. Anna and Shaleen has visited our office to see our work about combating malnutrition in the urban slums of Pune
Shaleen Meelu
Welcome Jim and the Phillipines and all who have announced themselves. So good to see you Shraddha! We remember the SNEH foundation well
Sophie Healy-Thow
Morning everyone, Sophie here from Ireland, youth representative on the Scaling Up Nutrition Lead Group and food system activist also studying international development in my undergrad at the moment. Happy to hear from everyone :)
Andrea Zick
Hello all from the OXO Tower Restaurant one of the first UK restaurants achieving a green Michelin Star this week
Shaleen Meelu
Jaffer Kapasi wonderful to receive your support. Looking forward to engaging Uganda.
Sofie Quist (Nourish Scotland)
Hello everyone, thank you to our Food Foundation colleagues for the invitation to learn more about this exciting project! I’m Sofie (Nourish Scotland) I help coordinate the work on the Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration - https://www.glasgowdeclaration.org/
Shaleen Meelu
Congratulations OXO Tower. We believe the Hospitality Sector has a significant role to play in transforming UK food systems. Chefs understand food in a way we can all learn from!
Chloe MacKean
Great to have you here Sofie and thanks for sharing the Glasgow Declaration, which is such a brilliant initiative.
Shaleen Meelu
Welcome Sophie - youth representative of SUN and all the incredible youth organisations that have joined from Nigeria, Kenya, UK and elsewhere.
simon heppner
Hello all - great to see so many friends and colleagues. If we haven’t met yet, do get in touch if you want to bring Food Made Good to your city. www.foodmadegood.global
martin O'Flaherty
Hi I am Professor Martin O'Flaherty, from the university of liverpool. I am interesting in continue to develop research agendas to improve diets and focusing on cities as the "vehicle" for that. My research here: https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/population-health-sciences/staff/martin-oflaherty/
Shaleen Meelu
About the UNFSS https://www.un.org/en/food-systems-summit
Chloe MacKean
and the Summit Dialogues for UNFSS https://summitdialogues.org/
Shaleen Meelu
Dr Kalibata will be speaking net week (City Food Thinkers series) Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General for the 2021 Food Systems Summit. https://www.city.ac.uk/events/2021/february/food-thinkers-what-it-will-take-to-deliver-on-the-promise-of-the-food-systems-summit-in-achieving-the-sdgs
Olukemi Atijosan
Hi to all. I am Kemi Atijosan from African and Caribbean Heritage Food Network based in London. Working for African heritage Food sovereignty and food justice. You can reach us at info@achfoodnetwork.org
Lloyd Broad
Hello from the City of Birmingham. Great to see so many cities today. Cities will address the challenges with good leadership and strong multi level partnerships. Lets keep talking.
Arne O’Donoghue - FSSDs Team
For more information on the FSSDs, please visit www.summitdialogues.org. Any questions please do reach out: arne@4sd.info. We are ready support you in your dialogues.
Jacqueline McBeth
Hello- Jacquie from Stir It Up- launching a seasonal. locally sourced veg/recipe box in West London, supporting local community projects and helping families improve nutrition. www.stiritup.org.uk
Shaleen Meelu
Welcome Lloyd Broad. Thank you for leading/encouraging the City of Birmingham to strengthen links with the international community.
Chloe MacKean
Hi Olukemi, what a brilliant network. Great to have you here.
Shaleen Meelu
Olukemi welcome. We will be in touch.
Shaleen Meelu
Congratulations Jacquie. We are interested in hearing about innovative solutions like yours to support healthier, sustainable food economies.
Eifiona Thomas Lane
Bore Da from Dr. Eifiona Thomas Lane, Geography, Bangor Univeristy, North Wales. We are working across FSystems at more local scale. Key to our work is the legal commitment and context of Welsh Government to Future Wellbeing Goals to deliver SDevG. Food delivers on all of these. Very important to support healthy responsible relationships between cities and countryside in more localised transparent accountable systems.
Sophie Healy-Thow
You can also become a Food Systems Hero for the Food Systems Summit here : https://www.un.org/en/food-systems-summit/become-food-systems-hero
David Nabarro
info@summitdialogues.orgdavid@4sd.infocontact WhatsApp +41 78 610 2625
Barbara Bray
Agreed David!
Gustavo Porpino
G`day everyone, I work for the Brazilian Agriculture Research Organization (Embrapa). We intend to organize a dialogue involving Brazilian cities and the Federal level. Best regards, Gustavo (https://www.linkedin.com/in/gustavo-porpino/)
Andrea Zick
Absolutely agreed
Andrea Zick
Jennifer Constantine
Agree! Bravo Anna and Food Foundation team!
Shaleen Meelu
Bore Da Dr Eifiona and other participants from Wales. Your work is important. Thank you for sharing. @Nourish and FSSD are also encouraging city farmer dialogues.
Chloe MacKean
Fantastic Gustavo, great to see that you've already got the ball rolling with running a dialogue, they are going to be so important.
Deserie Mansfield
Bore Da - good morning all Dr Eifiona Thomas Lane Good Morning thank you for highlighting the Future Generations Act - deseriemansfield@monmouthshire.gov.uk
Thusani Mulaudzi
Good afternoon. I am Thusani from the City of Johannesburg and grateful to be part of this very important dialogue to address the global food challenges.
Olukemi Atijosan
Completely agree with David. Anna and her team are doing a fantastic job. Thanks Anna for your leadership.
Jonathan Lodge
An interesting point Eifiona. I would go further and say a city should be doing much more to help feed itself. Why spend most of a short shelf life in transit? Land should be growing what is most appropriate. Vertical Farms are prohibitively expensive and depend on far too much energy. Our alternative enables distributed growing in sensible quantities to offer a carbon consuming supply chain - all heavily occupied buildings pay to dump CO2 at roof level so why pay to create it in a rural glasshouse? jgl@cityfarmsystems.com
martin O'Flaherty
How is latinamerica engaging with these dialogues?
Tong Wu
Hi everyone, lovely to meet you all. This is Tong from Quadrature Climate Foundation, we are a new player in the climate space based in London. Would be keen to be involved in the network!
Kate Smith
would like to be invited to join the dialogue- Kate Smith Slow Food Birmingham
Shaleen Meelu
Welcome Thusani. We are excited to see Birmingham's twin cities join the meeting including Johannesburg, Guangzhou and Changchu. Thank you.
Chloe MacKean
HI Martin, we would love to hear from Latin American cities who want to get involved with the learning partnership. We will be sending a link to submit EOI at the end of the event.You can also email me chloe.mackean@foodfoundation.org.uk
Chloe MacKean
If you have any questions for the panel, please post them here.
Jenny Rathbone
Bore Da pawb. Jenny Rathbone MS. I chair the Food Cross Party Group in the Welsh Parliament, and was involved in shaping the legislation WFGA (architect was Carl Sargeant RIP) mentioned by Eifiona above. In my constituency work i pr0mote foodgrowing in SOA of deprivation and planting an orchard so good food available for all
We need to Map where there are smallholdings with incities . As an ex Apple grower we need to address waste and why so much fruit is left unpicked due to the current retial cosmetic demands and the previous EU regulations.
Jonathan Lodge
Hi Teresa, a very good point. Going further we need to educate people. It really saddens me to see householders let apples fall off trees in their garden while buying apples from a retailer.
Sarah Davies
UK has a strong network of Sustainable Food Cities working on establishing food partnerships and building local food strategies using participatory methods. Check out www.sustainablefoodplaces.org. Lots of resources for supporting engagement too.
Heather Law
Thank you Cllr Hamilton for succinctly highlighting the issues Birmingham are facing. It is really exciting that we have the opportunity to work with Birmingham's partner cities Johannesburg, Changchun and Guangzhou and Milan on these initiatives as well as extend our connections to other cities.
Heather Law
and Lyon!
Sophia Bird
hi Jenny Rathbone and everyone, great to be part of this. I work in Public Health Wales on the obesity prevention and nutrition programme, looking forward to addressing things at a systems-level across our nation of Wales
Heather Law
and Nanjing!
Jenny Rathbone
My email is Jenny.Rathbone@senedd.wales. Got to leave now thanks for all you are doing to deliver good food for all
Chloe MacKean
Thanks for joining us Jenny and for sharing the work you do.
Uday Dholakia
Inoshji, Greetings
Shaleen Meelu
A wonderful video about India's Eat Right campaign https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZpgJkp5dZw&feature=emb_logo - enjoy later!
Fraser Moore
Thank you for sharing Shaleen, greetings to all from Eurocities in Brussels!
Shaleen Meelu
Eat Right also reached the finals of the Rockefeller Food Vision prize Congratulations Inoshi and the FSSAI team who made this happen!
Roger Sykes
Excellent event today on roles for cities. Look at our work from Food Systems Transformation Group at University of Oxford on food system resilience in the UK. Keen to engage with cities - https://www.foodsystemresilienceuk.org/
Shaleen Meelu
Gilles Martin
Food cities 2022 it is a very appropriate initiative to strengthen city dialogues on better urban food system and how cities, with their local stakeholders, can act usefully.Into order to be efficient, in order to be heard, let us take stock from what do already exist: existing national city networks, the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact gathering more than 210 cities worldwide, C40, ICLEI. FAO is also holding a Platform providing access to a comprehensive database of resources related to urban policies and programmes, to achieve sustainable urban food systems.Links: https://www.milanurbanfoodpolicypact.org/; http://www.fao.org/urban-food-actions/en/
Susan Arkley
Hi. Will it be possible to save and share the chat from this meeting as there are so many great links and suggestions to follow up on. Thank you.
Uday Dholakia
UK linked via APEDA, Niti Ayog and Chartered Trading Standards in the UK Phil Owen, was seconded to India and has made contact with Pune etc Philo@tsi.org.uk
Shaleen Meelu
Great to see you Frazer and welcome to all the WG EUROCITIES members.
Shaleen Meelu
Shaleen Meelu
Roger. Thank you for alerting us we are keen to involve leading researchers from across the world in the webinar series. Please do stay in touch.
Ravi Kumar
Fascinating to learn about the experiences from Pune - and how to make healthy food available to communities there (price cap etc). Would love to learn more and contribute where I can. Great meeting - thank you to the organisers
Gurprit Singh
hi please email the whole zoom event with names of speakers and designation to aroragurprit@hotmail.co.uk
Graeme Findlay
Are cities using education to involve all, are there links with their respective schools/FE/HE institutions?
Shaleen Meelu
Susan yes the video and chat has been recorded and will be shared after the event.
Susan Arkley
Thank you.
Heather Law
Thank you Alice, please could you put a link to the toolkit in the chat
Shaleen Meelu
Giles - thank you for sharing. @filippogavazzeni is also online from MUFPP secretariat and we are networked with C40 & ICLEAI. The FAO urban food action platform is incredible.
Shaleen Meelu
Ravi Kumar - great to see you online as you were at the original BINDI stakeholder meeting. Will be good to involve BCC and the innovation alliance in the partnership with a continued focus on Smart solutions to extend reach and impact!
Camille Chaumeron-Jourdan
Thank you for your words, Anna! Délice, the City Network on food and gastronomy is thrilled to be part of this great partnership. We are looking forward to working and learning together! www.delice-network.com
Alice Preston-Jones
Here is a link to the Rapid Planning Toolkit: https://rapidplanningtoolkit.org/
Jacqueline Farrell
If anyone would like more information on the Prince’s Foundation programmes please email Jacqueline.Farrell@princes-foundation.org or my colleague Arianne.Knowles@princes-foundation.org
Mark Driver
Can I ask about UK funding for these projects.
Alice Preston-Jones
Here is a link to our work with Commonwealth partners on sustainable urbanisation: https://commonwealthsustainablecities.org/ Head to the site on the 2nd February to see the release of our Call to Action and Good Practice Platform
Alice Preston-Jones
For the Rapid Planning Toolkit and Commonwealth sustainable cities work please email me at alice.preston-jones@princes-foundation.org thank you
Gilles Martin
Hi Shaleen,Can we keep contact to further discuss and collaborate: gilles.martin@fao.org
Shaleen Meelu
Giles absolutely.
Anna Taylor
Please do ready Cathy's bio on the invitation to the event - it's inspiring!
Chloe MacKean
So many great resources are being shared. If you have any questions for the speakers, please post them here.
Shaleen Meelu
• Catherine Mzumara, National Director of Research and Monitoring in Malawi Being raised and educated by a blind father through proceeds from his small farm motivated me to dream beyond the boundaries of poverty. It taught me never to quit and to remain focused and always hope for the better. It also taught me that it’s possible to bring change even when all seems dark. I ended up a Researcher, Marketing Lecturer, Farmer and an advocate for Women in Farming. I am very passionate about making a tangible difference in the community and resolving the youth and women’s problems through Education and Farming.
Florence Egal
Catherine, wouldn’t it make sense to sell food at local and territorial level (which may well be the other side of a border) rather than in the capital city? Small and intermediary cities have a key role to play if we want sustainable development.
Roger Sykes
Important for food cities to partner with higher education - we have much to offer on research, teaching, and our convening role as trusted partners. In the UK look at our approach on food systems training for the future. This includes international work in Ghana, Uganda and Indonesia - https://www.ifstal.ac.uk/
Shaleen Meelu
Thank you to @MikeHaswell and @UdayDholakia for introducing us to Cathy. We value your involvement and contribution. Thank you Uday also for sharing the information above - a wonderful link between the UK, Malawi and Pune/India! The role that the UK business sector can play in supporting healthier, sustainable food systems locally and globally.
thank to food foundation and Birmingham city officials.
Jonathan Lodge
Wade hinted at a very important point. There is much talk about the benefits of slow food but none about the slow growing of food. Artificially accelerated growing reduce nutritional qualities. Reducing unnecessary costs can allow far better quality by reducing the pressure to harvest too soon.
Florence Egal
I am sure you are aware of this material? http://www.fao.org/in-action/food-for-cities-programme/toolkit/introduction/en/
Heidi Betancourt
Any resource for building partnerships?
Victoria Williams
heidi Betancourt, lots of resources on building food partnership in the Sustainable food places toolkit at www.sustainablefoodplace.org
Victoria Williams
Heidi Betancourt
Thank you for sharing
Chloe MacKean
Heidi, the Prince's Foundation's community planning toolkit will be another useful resource, link to it is further up the chat.
Emma Frew
Hi Chloe,As a Prof. in Health Economics (University of Birmingham), I would be keen to hear from the speakers on what academic support they would see as most helpful to help deliver change. How do we evidence ‘success’ to leverage national Government action? What research evidence (metrics/outcomes) is needed to help change the food system? And how do these outcomes fit with all the different stakeholders? Often there are time-lags between action and health/economic improvements…so how does this fit with political cycles? Too much to discuss here so perhaps for future dialogue! Great meeting, thank you.
Teresa- Food4Thought
Sorry I have to go, another zoom at 11.30. Stay well and thank you
Simon Kenton-Lake
Sorry but I have to leave too - great and inspiring event!Nourish Scotland is supporting the development of the Sustainable Food Places network up here in Scotland. Always looking for ways to link with other organisations, projects and people. Especially interested in exploring how to twin Scottish places with others around the world working on local food systems. simon@nourishscotland.org
Shaleen Meelu
Learning how to use data to manage their emergency food response is a priority for many cities. Thank you Dr Tinashe Mushayanyama for raising this.
Deserie Mansfield
I too have to go to another meeting but thank you - would love to heear from anyone using data - we are currently looking and analysing public procument for engaging with local growers/business and communities - thank you for an engaging and interesting meeting Deserie
John McKenzie
thanks guys but need to go.
Arne O’Donoghue - FSSDs Team
Thank you for a really interesting morning. I must jump off now. For more information on the Food Systems Summit Dialogues please take a look at www.summitdialogues.org. Any questions: arne@4sd.info. The dialogues are adaptable to local context and should complement existing programs. We hope you will consider convening one. Well done FF team!
Shaleen Meelu
Thank you for joining everyone who has to leave please get in touch if you require further information about the partnership.
Shaleen Meelu
The recording and contact details will be made available on our website.
Jonathan Lodge
Hi Emma, if I may add my thoughts about your comment I would suggest there is far too much research funding for very narrowly focussed research and very little for holistic solutions. There is a huge divide between maximising primary production and delivered nutritional quality.
Gilles Martin
Thank you Tinashe. About food policy monitoring, with RUAF and MUFPP we have develop the MUFPP monitoring framework: http://www.fao.org/3/ca6144en/CA6144EN.pdfAntananarivo, Quito, Nairobi have been piloting cities in 2019. A new guidance should come soon.Ready to discuss further about that.
Shona Goudie, Food Foundation
Thank you to all the fantastic speakers and thanks to everyone for joining
Deborah David
Thanks To Anna and all.