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Managing Non-Profit Media Finances in a Crisis - Shared screen with speaker view
Alison Scholly
Hi everyone! Thank you for joining. We’ll be starting at the top of the hour or a little bit after.
Alison Scholly
If you have a question, please type it into the chat box and I will ask it later on in the session. Feel free to private message me if you don’t want to post the question to the group.
Florence Rogers
Observation: Independent licensees should consider that their board members (from the executive ranks of local companies) may be way more comfortable going straight to layoffs as a cost saving/stabilization measure since that is a more classical “for profit” strategy to stabilize the financial position of the organization. Are you ready to have that conversation with them?
Alison Scholly
Good point, Flo! Given we don’t know the length/extent of the crisis, this is very topical
David Lowe
To Florence's point - I pushed for furloughs in 2008 and it was like she said. The board said, morale will suffer and just lay off what you need rather than destroy everyone's morale. That said, the world changed and this isn't 2008. They might be going through the same issues we are or worse this time.
Alison Scholly
Please feel free to ask a question in the chat box regarding liquidity and expense management. We’ll be taking questions in a moment.
Kim Johnson
how/if the impact of the last recession will guide planning for COVID
Julie Drizin
Here’s the link Alison mentioned: https://current.org/2020/04/trends-during-great-recession-may-foreshadow-pandemics-impact-on-pubmedia/
Kim Johnson
thank you!
Kliff Kuehl
thx PMC folks for this webinar
Alison Scholly
We’ll be posting this webinar to our web site by tomorrow so you can watch again or share slides
David Lowe
Fantastic webinar. Thanks so much!
Erin Moran
I want to remind everyone that Giving Tuesday is happening May 5th. Hopefully you have been outreach to donors to let them know and you are set up for it.
Alison Scholly
Thank you for coming!
Wertz Pat
Thank you.
Kim Johnson
Yes, this was very helpfu! Thank you All!