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Texas CASA
WELCOME TO THE VIRTUAL ADVOCACY WEBINAR!Here are a few things to note:• Please type any questions in the Q&A box at the bottom of your screen. Questions will mostly be answered at the end of the webinar.• You will not have the ability to ask questions via chat or audio.• If experiencing difficulty with computer audio, please dial in at 346-248-7799; webinar ID: 814 1429 2939• The webinar is being recorded and will be available on the Texas CASA website.
Texas CASA
If you have any questions, please click on the Q&A icon at the bottom of your screen and type them into the box that appears. Thanks for joining us today!
Texas CASA
We will be wrapping up shortly. Thanks again for joining us today! We will be sending out a follow-up email early next week with a link to a recording of today's webinar as well as some additional resources. Have a great weekend!