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A Follow-Up Webinar with Russell Ramsay: "How You Don't Do Things" - Shared screen with speaker view
Melanie Sobocinski
Could Dr. Ramsay comment on using this form to scaffold someone to provide the right amount of support? E.g., some people never need this form, some people use this only to troubleshoot, and some people need body-doubling to follow through on the planned actions.
Melanie Sobocinski
Could Dr. Ramsay comment on unrealistic goals? The biggest problem me (and my clients) have is coming up with grandiose ideas that don’t actually fit within the other constraints of my life.
Joy Stern
Did we get a copy of the form?
Kristine Shiverick
It is on the website on the page that shows Russ's presentation.
Joy Stern
On our website?
Anne Marie Nantais
After the call, you can go to www.adhdcoaches.org, log in as a member, then go to Programs-Special Events.... the handouts, slides, and recording from Pt. 1 are there.
David Rose
I still watch reruns of FRIENDS
Will Weiss
I found, personally and in coaching with others with ADHD, that mid-stream priority shifts are often examples of Procrastivity. often we may not fill out the 'how you don't do things' form or go through that process because we don't have a problem starting an important project, but that tendency to prioritize by resistance, and impulsivity, keep us from maintaining momentum or finishing. can you discuss how to use the form (or other tools) with mid-stream impulsivity?
Melanie Sobocinski
What I’ve noticed is that over time (years/decades) anxiety gets less effective as a go-to strategy and also has negative long term health effects. I like to think of anxiety as a strategy to use sparingly and encourage my clients to develop positive non-anxious strategies to support quality of life overall.
Will Weiss
I gained the Covid-19
Sherri Cannon
Thank you so much, all. Invaluable and appreciated!
Robin Nordmeyer
Great presentation again Russ Ramsay - whoop!