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Real World History Class - Shared screen with speaker view
Max Peterson
For everyone besides Michael & Lola, If you have a question for Mr. Flack or Dr. Kim please drop them in the chat!
Sojin Kim
Michael--having trouble hearing your question.
Michael Artemus
For those who don’t know what the Folklife Center is about, could you give a brief summary about it? What type of work do you handle at the Folklife Center?
Michael Artemus
Since you began working at the Folklife Center, what changes have you seen at the Folklife Center?
Amora Campbell
how can you relate Lincoln's life to the various demographics you teach?
Cosby Hunt
Question for our guests: what is your personal favorite object in your site's collection?
Sojin Kim
Our collection is largely made up of recordings--video, audio photo. Among my favorite recordings are the audio and photo documentation from the late 1960s that document the Poor People's Campaign and March on DC in 1968.
Michael Artemus
You’ve worked at quite a few public history institutions throughout your career. Could you talk about what drew you to public history as well as the different kinds of work that go into it?
Michael Artemus
How has your life and work changed as a curator at the Folklife Center?How has the work of the Folklife Center adapted to the realities of our current situation?
Sojin Kim
You guys are the best. Love and admire the work of Real World History. Thanks for including us!