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IUCN's Contribution to the UN Decade for Ecological Restoration - Shared screen with speaker view
Gina Rowe
Will you share the results of multimeter slides re word cloud etc.
Brigid Primrose
Sorry I have to leave now but will look forward to seeing rest of the questions when the recording come out.
Chris Mahon
Thanks for joining Brigid
Gina Rowe
Various points - do not expect these to be covered now! Do you want practical projects logged on the events list e.g. wetland creation project on site, also I chair a Local Biodiversity Action Partnership, which we have retained despite cessation of funding, with a range of Habitat and Species Action Plans for Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull area.. I will link this and our Local Nature Partnership to decade of restoration and use logos etc. Will there be a presentation we can use to promote the decade etc, or can we use the one you will share? I would like to show this or part of it to staff and partners to engage and inform them , then we can register events. Re Targets: The Wildlife Trusts across UK are campaigning re 30% land in environmentally sensitive management by 2030. Would be useful to see if this is a relevant target. Targets re habitat restoration would be useful to quote in our local action plans and see how our targets input to these.
Katharine Davies
Will there be some measures for success of restoration? For example for trees, monoculture vs increased biodiversity
Katharine Davies
I also think it's essential to engage organisations which are directly involved in restoration e.g. Survival International have launched a campaign against protected areas, due to the issues with human rights. I think we need to be careful as conservationsists that the restoration we promote works for everyone.
Debbie Bartlett University of Greenwich
good to hear novel ecosystems mentioned - interesting presentation and I'll make use of info when shared but I'm afraid I have another meeting at 12.
Pamela Abbott
Great challenge Katherine. Would also be good if there was (and there may be) a link with Conservation Evidence on what works in conservation in relation to restoration
Ian Redmond
Thanks for a great presentation - have to go now!
Pamela Abbott
Great session, thanks!
Nicholas Watts
A good point about the need to engage with the decolonisation discourse.
Gina Rowe
Many thanks, very interesting, and will follow up re promoting launch in early June
Amy Cox - RZSS
Thanks for this. I will be sharing it with the BIAZA Native Species Working Group tomorrow to see if more UK zoological and aquaria would like to be involved or share what they are already involved with.
Hope to see you all in the Connectivity Conservation webinar!
Nicholas Watts
For Commonwealth sustainability: nicholaswatts@mac.com