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College Panel - Shared screen with speaker view
Sebastian Franco - UC Santa Barbara
For the UC system we always like to tell students to be themselves! We are not looking for a cookie cutter student, instead we want you to be yourself and really share what you are passionate about, what you have been involved with throughout high school, and anything else that makes you YOU!
Juliet Olsen - Chapman University
In state and out of state students are evaluated the same at Chapman University. Our holistic review allows us to cultivate a really dynamic student body, but it always speaks volumes to our admission committee when a student's authentic personality shows throughout their application and they demonstrate that they have done their research on Chapman University and our student experience as a whole!
Sebastian Franco - UC Santa Barbara
Sebastian.franco@sa.ucsb for any questions regarding UCSB!
Robin Hamilton
Robin Hamilton rhamilton@oxy.edu
Juliet Olsen - Chapman University
Juliet OlsenChapman Universityjuolsen@chapman.edu(714)997-6711Check out more virtual events!: https://www.chapman.edu/admission/undergraduate/visit/index.aspx
Juliet Olsen - Chapman University
Hi Molly, yes we do! Our coaches actively recruit athletes and it could be beneficial to reach out to our swim coach with stats and/or video. You can find his contact information here: https://www.chapmanathletics.com/information/directory/index
Sebastian Franco - UC Santa Barbara
@Valery - For UCSB, yes! It is through our Summer Session programs. More information: https://www.summer.ucsb.edu/pre-college/pre-college-programs
Jackie Burkett - University of San Diego
University of San Diego - Jackie Burkett burkettj@sandiego.edu
Sebastian Franco - UC Santa Barbara
For more information on the A-G requirements for the UC system: https://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/admission-requirements/freshman-requirements/subject-requirement-a-g.html
Galin Education
Galin Education: jessie@galined.com
Alison Ancher-Jensen
Thank you!!