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TACS Member COVID-19 Daily Debrief - Shared screen with speaker view
David Flowers
Region VII has yet to receive all PPEs for districts. Is that the same for other Service Centers?
Bryan Allen
Region 14 has not received all PPE either
Chad Jones
So, are we required to either have an app or written documentation that everyone did their own checklist every morning, or can we have everyone sign an attestation up front stating that they will daily and keep that on file. Would an attestation be enough?
Sara Leon
Chad, are you referring to the Health screening?
Chad Jones
Yes ma'am
Jill Siler
Question 42 on this doc: https://tea.texas.gov/sites/default/files/covid/SY-2020-21-Attendance-and-Enrollment.pdf
Crystal Dockery
The FAQ says that parents will screen their children and that staff will self screen themselves.
Crystal Dockery
We are not supposed to take everyone’s temperature. You could take a child’s temperature (much like we always have) for a student who is symptomatic.
Crystal Dockery
I would think an attestation spelling out each person’s responsibility for screening should be sufficient. Sara???
Sara Leon
I think it could be difficult to retain paper copies of a daily screening questionnaire, but that would be an effective way to secure compliance. An attestation would be a helpful tool to remind parents of their responsibility to self-screen, but I wonder if it would be effective. as folks may forget over time.... I was thinking an app would be a great idea, I am not aware that there is such a thing, but a clever developer somewhere must have something.
Sara Leon
An attestation plus a public information campaign- such as frequent reminders to students and parents via social media, etc., may be helpful in securing ongoing parental compliance.
Jimmy Burns
For Asynchronous instruction. I understand we have to see them everyday or get some sort of work returned. Can we adjust students being present or absent during the week? Example we count them absent at 4:00PM , but they turn in work at 11:45 PM?
Jill Siler
My flow chart that is now out of date with yesterday's guidance - ugh...
Jessica Johnson
Amen Jill!
Debbie Engle
I agree! Those two changes will cause a huge burden! I am hoping some clarification will clear things up!