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WBC'S EXECUTIVE ROUNDTABLE SERIES: C-Suite Leaders on Innovating During Crisis (July 30th) - Shared screen with speaker view
Lorena Fimbres
We are thrilled to host you. If you have comments use this box. If you have questions you can use the Q&A box. We will answer if time allows. Follow the conversation online #WBCFasterTogether
evelyn Rodstein
It is amazing to see these leaders demonstrate boundary spanning skills across business models. What is the one challenge you are facing in continuing this boundary spanning leadership skill.
Schenae Rourk
NAWBO-CA helped to get SB826 in CA - More Women on Corporate Boards - passes and other states are following. Then NAWBO-CA developed a Corporate Board Pathways for owners, leaders and executives looking for corporate directorship. How can we ensure more women on corporate boards who can help steer these decisions?