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Northern Lakeshore Trail Connectivity Plan: Virtual Open House - Shared screen with speaker view
Matt Emde
matt emde from lcdot. I like to go salmon fishing at the harbor!
Verena Owen
@Heather Schady: who has adopted complete streets and who has not (yet)?
Heather Schady
Beach Park and North Chicago have, Zion, Winthrop Harbor, and Waukegan are underway
Terry Witt
how are bikes on trains connected?
Tim Gustafson
Terry, good question! Bikes currently are permitted on Metra trains and Metra was on our steering committee for review. We did not recommend changes to Metra's policy, but we do ackowledge that a lot of bike tourism comes in on Metra.
Kathleen Garness
Illinois Beach State Park has many rare plant and animal communities including nesting rare birds and endangered species. What will be done to foster respect and care for those by the trail users?
Heather Schady
@Marc Huber both IDOT and Lake County are on the project steering committee.
Verena Owen
I noticed from the last poll that there are zero participants from the historically underserved communities from N. Chicago and Waukegan on tonight. I urge this panel to be creative and ensure that folks in those communities will get heard.
Kathleen Garness
Thank you Verena - I noticed that too as a concern of mine.
Rachael Smith
Hi Verena and Gina--we noticed this as well. We've worked with all municipalities to give them materials to share information about this plan, but it looks like our outreach didn't reach these communities in the ways we hoped. We will do more in the coming days and weeks to do additional outreach to these communities and additionally promote in-person opportunities to view plan recommendations and maps.
Kathleen Garness
bikes are not allowed in the nature preserve area of IBSP as far as my understanding.
Nimrod Warda
Sorry, I just realized my response did not go out to everyone. I work for North Chicago and we tried outreach for this event via our City website and Facebook (posting multiple times). Unfortunately because of COVID-19 were not able to mail out flyers or provide handouts to the public at group events.
Verena Owen
I don’t know what “open streets” on the poll means
Heather Schady
“Open streets” are street closure events that allow walking, biking, and other fun activities. @Verena They are somewhat like a block party though they also have an active transportation focus.
Verena Owen
@Heather. Thanks, so open streets is actually closed streets, lol
Heather Schady
@Verena Yes, lol!
Tim Gustafson
Don, good question. Trash collection will continue to be the responsibility of the municipality in which it is located, and IDNR is responsible for trash within IL Beach State Park.
Edwin Fuhrmann
Verena, Open Streets are actually finally opened to ALL users, like pedestrians, cyclists, and the mobility challenged (handicapped, seniors, etc), who would otherwise not be safe on the streets.
Tim Gustafson
Marc, yes, the Zion Park district trails are proposed to better connect users to the larger network.
Tim Gustafson
Don, we had the pleasure of a ride-along with IDNR lands management staff in IL Beach State Park, and they described their patrolling of their property. Recommendations also took into consideration when trails and parks are closed, and how to ensure the safety of those camping in the park overnight. All other parks/trails are patrolled using the same security and hours of operation currently in place for each municipality and park district.
Tim Gustafson
Oh that's right - Beth and I had a great time getting to know how they manage the park!
Tim Gustafson
Very insightful.
Kathleen Garness
to Beth - nice - was that Brad?
Once this plan is completed who will be taking responsibility to make sure plan is implemented - especially since there are so many government bodies
Verena Owen
Thank you
Haley & Rob Yaple
Thank you!
Rebecca Kinnavy
Thank you!