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12/21/20 Two Spiritual Channels. One Light. LIVE Channeling Event: April Roane and David Majere - Shared screen with speaker view
Teresa Long Bell
Monsour Majere
Ready for this!
Monsour Majere
I think what I picked up so far: 1. The initial exercise of tapping in, the feeling of connectedness and expansion that David’s Spirit demonstrated…. that is what we should practice tapping into. With everything going on, the chaos and the divide of the group mind, what we can do is to 1- ground ourselves, 2- tap into that energy (moment we experienced tonight), 3- contribute to changing the group mind by practicing this exercise regularly
Monsour Majere
Our goal is to reach a moment of connectedness. Our goal is to accept God’s judgement of Love (there is not other judgement God could have made)
Jessica Smirl
Definitely time for a shift in the group mind.
Monsour Majere
Disconnect from the group mind of violence, hate, fear and divisiveness by practicing grounding and tapping into the light/moment/spirit/God
Monsour Majere
“Shit’s gonna get real, real fast!” so let’s ground and tap in. All we can do is ground ourselves and be present while the Karma of the previous decades (nasty crap that’s been building up) plays out. Like eating a crazy garlic-laden Italian dinner and all you can do is let that gas pass (and not fight it)
Monsour Majere
That’s what I picked up so far ^_^0
Leslie Morris
Thanks for the beautiful energy David & April. I have to sign out. Blessings to all.
Teresa Long Bell
this was phenomenal!! blessings and love ❤️❤️
Galit Kedar
Thanks so much April and David.
Monsour Majere
thank you!!! 🤩
Hope F
Thank you both so much!